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Astell&Kern Launches Four New Products at High End 2019 Munich

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  1. konami
    i love live music rock concerts
  2. grownmansport
    All this new hardware is nice and I'm especially intrigued by the Kann Cube. HOWEVER, their current music browser UI is frustrating for some users with larger libraries. Like clicking on genre will just give you a list all songs umder the genre and is not organized by artist. Also clicking on artist lists every song by the artist instead of a list of albums you can narrow down from. This can be quite inconvenient when you have 100+ songs by the same artist and have to scroll through a long list. Hoping a firmware update will give you options to choose how the browser behaves.
  3. mthaynes
    very excited to see SP2000 and the new AMP. Quick question would the SP2000drive HD800S? My 380 and amp on high are no problem with the HD800s, but the 380 by itself does not really have the power. HD800S have a balance cable
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  4. mthaynes
    Is the new SP 2000 compatible with the old PEF 12,21 and 11 cables?
  5. Tsukuyomi
    Dam! I just bought the A&K SR15 a few months ago, i was considering the old Kann but it looked super ugly and bulky. This new Kann cube looks nicer but im not sure if bulk has changed. the impressive battery capacity and DAC chips are very interesting. Despite battery draining fast on my SR15, i do get 10-11hrs of music on a full charge. (if i only listen to 16/44.1, if i listen to 24bit, it drains faster.. :'( )
    The price 1500$ USD is a bit more than my SR15... so i'll consider but id like to see this in person before making the switch.
  6. OnyX Prime
    FYI 4497 & 4499 has immediately noticeable sound sig difference according to Japanese website AV watch. Tech specs aside, in simple words, 4499 is more engaging, brighter and more contrast, where 4497 is more resolving, lots of detail detail and smooth sounding. They utilize 2 different output architecture. (check up with akm.com for more spec related info)

    Which basically means you don’t have to retire sp1000 for sp2000 if the sound sig of the latter is not for you. I would wait as many of the chi-fi maker will be pumping out gears with the 4499 chip at a more affordable price with 4.4 AND tube variations
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  7. FidelityCastro
    I thought it was so they could do the “waterproof in 1m depth for 30 seconds” thing because people keep dropping down the toilet..ahem, I mean in the bath / sink.
  8. FidelityCastro
    If you believe in the sonic properties of both (I do, or my ears + brain do anyway), the ‘relative’ differences will be the same regardless of the specific sonic signature / EQ profile of the two players. I.e. copper will be warmer / smoother. Just as with IEM cables. I think of SS as brighter like silver IEM cable.
  9. jwbrent
    Now that you mention it, that too.
  10. jwbrent
    Looking at the voltage output, it looks like the SP2000 is going to have a powerful amp. With that said, AK has defied convention by only using the voltage out spec and not the mW spec commonly found on most headphone amps. Since there doesn’t appear to be any fittings for an external amp, I think the SP2000 will do the job with your Sennheiser.
  11. mthaynes
    yes definitely looks like it will be better at driving the HD800S.
  12. Whitigir
    @JasonNYC what digital processing chip are being used as digital interfaces for input and output and processing digital audio ? Is it Xmos ? Or is it FPGA ? A&K Propriety ?
  13. bidn

    Hi jwbrent,

    I fully agreee with you,
    Sorry to the proponents of the 4.4 mm connector,
    but I see the 4.4 mm connector as mere complication for the following reasons:
    - it will never make the 6.35 mm connector obsolete because it is the established standard in all the pro audio industry
    - it will never make the 3.5 mm connector obsolete because it is the established standard for the huge base of popular (not specifically "audiophile") audio gear (and which also exists in balanced version)
    - it will never make the 2.5 mm connector obsolete because it is an established standard by the major DAP manufacturers (Astell&kern, iBasso, Fiio, Cowon, etc.) and above all because it is the most space and weight saving connector, i.e. no other present connector is as appropriate for optimizing wearable use with DAPs.
    In the end Sony's 4.4 makes things more complicate by adding an additional connector which leaves less physical room for the electronics inside DAPs and adds weight to the DAP and cable, making the cables also more cumbersome. For me there is nothing better than 2,5 mm cables for my portable use, making the cables so small (when turning them into a coil for wearable storage before taking them with me) and so light.

    Congratulation to Astell&Kern for being the first, to my knowledge, to produce a DAC with the AKM AK4499EQ which has such promising specifications, it should lead to a DAC with excellent specs with the dual mono architecture of the SP2000! :smile_phones:

    Thank you also, Astell&Kern, for giving to us your customers these many fantastic possibilities, I mean giving me the choice between upgrading my SP1000 with the amp and purchasing a SP2000 (with additional storage and hopefully higher SQ). I am looking forward to trying out both. :smile_phones:

    All the best,
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  14. maira
    Keep in mind, that 4,4 is for BAL, so it is not intended to replace 6,35 or 3,5 as these are SE.

    2,5 mm became kind of standard for BAL, but it seems its moving to 4,4mm,
  15. Whitigir
    2.5mm never was a standard for balanced. It was adopted by many other companies which would offer balanced out for portable high quality players. The 4.4mm is standard and by JETA
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