Astell & Kern KANN - DAP with Massive Storage & Battery

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Levanter, Apr 4, 2017.
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  1. rick81
    And ibasso dx200 with Kann?
  2. Shetzu
    That is good to know. Are you listening to the Kann solely or through another amp. Do you find any difference. Let us know your views.
  3. Miniculthero
    I can’t stop listening to Kann... the shm black sabbath sacds are phenomenal... like listening for the first time... what has everyone been blown away with music wise?
  4. ddoyle777
    Intermittent Touch Screen Problems.

    I've had my Kann for about 2 weeks now and I'm getting intermittent touch screen problems. Sometimes the touch is off. If I touch the Tidal line in the Store (and I'm sure I'm touching it in the right place) MOOV starts. Sometimes when I try to scroll no matter when I start the scroll the top item in the list acts as if it's touched.
    These problems are usually fixed with a reboot.
    Has anyone else had similar issues?
    Do you think it's software or a flaky touch screen?
    Other than that this is better in every way than my AK70.
  5. freddychin
    Will ask you in this manner.........
    Intermittent touch screen problem only to Tidal program or to any other apps ?
    I believe you know how I am going to narrow down and focus on the issue.
    Will be Tidal apps issue if only happen to this
    Will be screen issue if all other apps is also having the same issue.
    Tidal to me is a third party apps that sit on Kann OS and not the other way round
    Same as Microsoft OS, third parties write their program to sit on MS and not the other way round.
    Any OS update every 3rd week of the month it is the 3rd parties responsibility to make sure it runs and not MS problem.
    I believe this logic still stays in the IT world unless I am outdated as I am already retired from career for more then 2 years over.
  6. ddoyle777
    To answer:
    the problem is across the entire system. I used the Tidal example because it was a particular occurrence, but that same problem as been experienced elsewhere - like in the album list of the on player tracks - as well.
    I have the latest updates for both Kann and Tidal.
    I agree with your logic. The problem has occurred in the native player app as well, so I think it's more system layer than Tidal layer.
  7. Miniculthero
    Can anyone recommend software to edit dsf files. Ie titles and id tags and artwork it is a nightmare..
  8. funkforfood
    Tag & Rename
  9. obsidyen
    Can this be used as a DAC on Mac OS?
  10. dakchi
    I have been using the Kann for the last 2 weeks and so far my impression is that this is an incredible DAP. Soundstage in amazing with the Audeze iSine10. The only complaints that I have are:
    • Some high frequency notes can be harsh to the ears like piano for example. I don't know if this will be better after the burn-in. Anyone facing the same issue?
    • It seams that it is not possible to play and pause with the touch screen. You can only do this with the buttons which seems to be fragile.
    • 1000$ for a DAP and we even don't get a case! even te cases that are available in the market do not sufficiently protect the Kann
    I was wondering if we can use the USB Dac functionality with an iphone? this would fix the issue of not having Android and Google Playstore in the Kann. I tried to use the USB Dac with my laptop but that doesn't seem to work, although I have installed the driver and connected Kann and the laptop with USB cable. The sound still goes out of the laptop speakers and not the Kann

    Thank you for your help
  11. Luvdac
    Mp3 tag. But only dsf files support tagging. Dff files dont.
  12. Shetzu
    The Kann as the Dac works perfectly with laptop or any PC OR Phone. You have to select Kann as your external sound card in your computer settings. Also You need to connect the Kann with Micro usb and not USB-C port. On Kann drop down Menu settings you have to press USB icon which is greyed.(But when you press it it will take you to the connection screen).

    Yes play pause is only by buttons that is how Kann is made.. No harshness here works perfectly.
    Yes A&K never provided any case with this Kann model. You can get 3rd party case of Meiter or Dignis if you google it.
  13. Shetzu
    Yes it can be used as a Dac with a mac computer. Read my post above as to how to go about it. You have to have a good app like Audivarna + on mac to play your HD files.
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  14. dakchi
    Thank you Shetzu for your answer. I have tried the USB Dac with my laptop and it works perfectly
    I had another question regarding the Balance output. My earphones are jack 3.5. I couldn't test the balance output because of that. Will I hear a difference in sound between the balance and unbalanced output? if the answer is yes, could you recommend a good 3.5 to 2.5 adapter?
    Thank you
  15. freddychin

    then get it change as soon as possible as your feedback clearly indicate a faulty touch screen
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