Astell & Kern KANN - DAP with Massive Storage & Battery

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Levanter, Apr 4, 2017.
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  1. R7photo
    Jason will try report back so glad you on here hands on what service
  2. R7photo
    Problem solved,,,,wow Jason so appreciate you and your presence on forum, awesome AK monitoring and chatting checking customers needs questions, thanks again Ron
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  3. frankieteardrop
    Hi @JasonNYC - gentle nudge on the duplicate and corrupted files issue from a few days ago! Hoping for a solve.

    Otherwise, quick request- is there any way to delete playlists without wiping and rebuilding the entire library? Would be great to delete playlists as needed, but can’t seem to be able to.
  4. JasonNYC

    Saw your post about the duplicates and meant to reply. I'm sorry I never responded. I will take a look again and get back to you.

    Deleting playlists is easy.
    • Click on the Playlists menu
    • The top, right corner, click on the list select icon
    • Select the playlist you want to delete. It will highlight
    • Click the trash can icon on the top
    • Click OK to confirm delete of playlist
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  5. frankieteardrop
    Thanks for the tip, @JasonNYC - figured I was missing something obvious.

    Looking forward to hearing back about the files!
  6. Shetzu
    @JasonNYC is there any possibility that you can give Alphabet indexing for Song or album search like you have done so in 300 series models. Why such a small software related issue is avoided in the Kann. It can be done so by way of software update. Your views please.
  7. rick81
    Hello! I'm from Italy so my english is not so good!
    My question is that i need to connect a good DAP to my car dsp, I need to know if i can exclude internal amp because i have external car amps, and i need to use it as a pure player through his line out to dsp.
    Thank you!
  8. Shetzu
    The Kann already has built in amp. So if you connect with line out you will be double amplifying. So that will not be right.
  9. lithrai
    But KANN has also line out, it shouldn't be a problem. You can bypass KANNs amp stage.
  10. Shetzu
    Yes agree sorry I should have mentioned that earlier. You will really like the sound. Its really good. Only that Kann is slightly warm.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  11. rick81
    Yes my question is if i can exclude or bypass internal amp, and which AK DAP can do it, thanks!
  12. JasonNYC
    I will pass this recommendation on to our software development team.
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  13. rick81
    Kann is still better than ak70II?
  14. animeismylife
    Hey, does anyone know whether the Kann be used as a DAC with an iPhone using CCK? I searched everywhere but couldn't find a definitive answer...
  15. Shetzu
    Thanks that would be an asset if implemented.
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