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Astell&Kern Billie Jean IEM coming May 2018

  1. JasonNYC
    Introducing Billie Jean, the latest collaboration between Astell&Kern and Jerry Harvey Audio.

    Billie Jean features the patented freqphase® technology from Jerry Harvey Audio with a new internal sound bore design to bring clear and impeccably balanced sound from sub-bass to brilliance range. The new IEM shell has been optimized to fit nicely in the ear, utilizes a 2-way 2-BA design, Silver Tinsel cable and L-type plug in a small, compact package. The result is a brilliant pair of IEMs designed and built by Jerry Harvey, the inventor of custom-IEMs, and Astell&Kern, the global leader in Hi-Fi audio.

    Pre-orders start today and ship in May 2018.




    Billie Jean will make its official debut at the 2018 Fujiya AVIC Spring Headphone Festival in Tokyo, Japan.

    The Dual BA drivers in Billie Jean have been carefully tuned with the patented technologies of Jerry Harvey Audio including Freqphase™ and Time | Phase Waveguide. Jerry Harvey, an audio engineer himself, brings the full range of dynamic sound from high to low range in this new IEM. A new Acoustic Chamber Sound Bore opens up the higher notes and lets them shine even more by controlling the air movement volume in the ear pieces. This also prevents any artifacts in the sound production.

    The earpieces in Billie Jean are about 30% smaller in size than the Michelle Limited. Extensive studies have been conducted to explore the different shapes and sizes of ear carnal of users in a range of different ages. The result is a smaller shell that fits more comfortable and is stable in the ear.

    The included cable is made of a mix of Kevlar and Tinsel wire for better sound and durability in day-to-day use. A L-shaped plug also prevents any short or weak connection issue.

    Billie Jean is $349 USD and starts shipping in May 2018.
    Astell&Kern Stay updated on Astell&Kern at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/astellnkern/ https://twitter.com/astell_kern https://instagram.com/astellnkern https://us.astellnkern.com support.inc@iriver.com
  2. swesko
    Looks good.
  3. Arthur Li
    "Astell&Kern, the global leader in Hi-Fi audio". Wow.
    Schwibbles, Jimmyf1312 and NaiveSound like this.
  4. swesko
    Well they do have one of if not the best DAP other than that
  5. Arthur Li
    I agree that iRiver is the dominant player in the DAP game. However, "leader in Hi-Fi audio" is simply ridiculous.

    I guess I am just being too serious about marketing statement. My apology. BTW, the IEMs seem interesting.
    Niyologist and Bastianpp like this.
  6. 1TrickPony
    Frequency graph? Help me out a little bit please
  7. Ace Jay
    Pretty Pricey...... might save a lot more juice....:)
  8. SCBob
    Is a 2.5 mm balanced cable available and, if so, what is the cost? Thanks.
  9. silverfishla
    that all looks extremely cheap looking. Down to the free case that one would get from a $5 earbud on Aliexpress.
  10. CavemanSponge
    Nope, you are only going to get the 3.5mm SE cable
  11. baiyy1986
    So this is Michael Jackson Serious I guess?
    I need PYT so Bad.
  12. Hanesu
    Had exactly the same thought on the case. Ibasso attaches even a metal case for their 99 dollar headphones!

    Let‘s wait for the sound of the Billy Jeans, though! They might sound nice! :)
  13. CalvinW
    Agree, looks pretty disappointing in terms of build quality.
  14. warrenpchi Administrator
    JasonNYC likes this.
  15. atomicgarden
    Not sure how you can determine build quality form these picture.
    I can’t see anything wrong or badly constructed on these pictures.
    I would expect build quality to be like a smaller Michelle Limited
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018

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