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Astell & Kern AK70 MKII with dual DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Bengkia369, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. PC_345
    Hi all, seems like I'll be upgrading to A&Futura SE100 in the coming days when it's finally out, got sold on dual ESS Sabre Pros :) If anyone's interested in black AK70 mkII in mint condition (6-8 weeks of real usage), with full & complete packaging, mine is for sale for a good price.

    I'm based in London, DM if interested for more info. Cheers
  2. Mark2010
    I'm new to the party.

    I'm looking at buying an AK70.

    But I don't know whether to buy the mk1 or the mk2 version.

    I can get the AK70 mk1 for 400 pounds but the mk2 costs 600 pounds.

    Is it really worth the extra money ?

    Or does the mk1 sound almost as good as the mk2 ?
  3. R7photo
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  4. Sonic-Debris
    I have been using the AK70 MKII for a while now, love it, but it does have its limitations, slow charging, UI can be sluggish, and file scanning takes a long time. I might look into the Hiby R6 as a possible upgrade, that thing is super fast, and the EQ is far more robust than what AK offers.
  5. Random Specific
    Hey, everyone:

    I’m hoping you guys can settle a question I’ve had for a while on the issue of “burn-in.” A few people on this thread have mentioned that the AK70 MKii (and similar DAPs) will sound even better after a certain number of playing hours. But I’ve also heard from electronics experts that burn-in is a phenomenon that only applies to sound equipment that has tubes. They say electronic circuitry doesn’t burn-in and what you hear at the time of purchase is what you get—period. Any differences in sound quality are purely imagined, they contend.

    I ask because this week, I replaced an AK70 MKii that was stolen with the same model, and I swear the brand new one doesn’t sound as good as the (stolen) one I had previously owned for about 3 months.


    1) Is burn-in real?


    2) If so, how long does it take to burn-in the AK70 MKii?

    Thanks for your input.
  6. Mark2010
    Burn in is real even on cheap sandisk players you notice it.
  7. Randomrubble
    Have a problem with logging in to Tidal on my AK70 MkII - simply get an error message every time, saying no connection available. What is weird is that WiFi is defo working as I can stream tidal off my phone or play to my Marantz AV amp - all via AK connect over WiFi.

    Any ideas for what’s going wrong?
  8. melons
    I know this may be a difficult question, but what are the best match iem's for the AK70 MKii. Looking to upgrade from Sennheiser IE80S with Forza aftermarket 2.5mm balanced cable, not keen on JH or AK iem's (no reason other than irrational ones)?

  9. R7photo
    Try completely logging out of Tidal from the player application then log back in, this should fix

    Good luck
  10. Bosk
    Now selling my AK70 MKII in the classifieds if anyone’s interested.
  11. Randomrubble
    No Joy, and, to be Honest, I'm not a happy camper with A&K.

    I just got the player back from being serviced, because the 3.5 jack had failed (no sound to right ear). Thing is I had to send the thing to Germany from the UK as there is no UK service centre, so I was without it for 3-4 weeks. Now it's back and, not only can I still not log into Tidal, but on the first proper commute the left ear is going and i'm getting total cut outs so almost as bad as when it went.

    These players are positioned as being premium items, but I'm really not feeling that right now.
  12. macdonjh
    I like how my Campfire Audio Lyra II pair with my AK70 Mk II. But, really, it's such a personal choice, you really can't take my word for it. However, I did post a review of the Lyra II in the "Vega/ Lyra II" thread, if you'd like details of what I hear.
  13. macdonjh
    I am having trouble with my AK70 Mk II: I am connecting my AK70 MkII using a balanced cable (2.5mm TRRS - dual 3-pin XLRs) to my Schiit Mjolnir I. Then using a balanced headphone cable with my head phones. I am getting the most horrendous ground loop hum. It's so loud I almost can't wear the head phones. It gets even louder when I touch my AK70. Here's the weird part, once the music starts playing, the ground hum goes away. If I pause the music, the hum comes back in about five seconds (perhaps when the output of the AK70 shuts off?). I had this problem a few weeks ago, and at that time my balanced interconnect was new. The maker of the interconnect reterminated the cable for me and that fixed the problem. Now it's back and I don't know why. I wonder if it's the player? Any ideas?

    Right now I'm trying fully shutting down the AK70 and the amp. If "rebooting" solves the problem, I'll report back.
  14. macdonjh
    Well, that didn't work, I still have a terrible ground loop hum. Very loud. Any ideas?
  15. stephanemtl
    How stable and reliable is the new Tidal streaming in the A&K players?

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