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Astell & Kern AK70 MKII with dual DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Bengkia369, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. macdonjh
    I will try that. Thanks for the idea.
  2. macdonjh
    I tried the SETTINGS -> RESET ALL SETTINGS, then LIBRARY SCAN. It still wouldn't play most of the FLAC files on my unit.
    I couldn't find, even on the Astell & Kern website, any other reset options.
    Then I tried reformatting and reloading some songs, FLAC files. Still no luck.

    I'd like to buy an AK 70II, but not if it won't play FLAC files reliably.
  3. kubig123
    I have several hundred of Flac and I never encountered any problem with them.
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  4. Sonic-Debris
    Ended up going with the AK70MKII and a new set of Campfire Audio Polaris :) They sounded like a good match to my ears.
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  5. macdonjh
    This is a new problem for me. I've been happily using my AK Jrs for a bit over a year. This problem with FLAC files is about a month old. No solution in sight.
  6. kubig123
    Weird, are these files on a sd card? if that the case could be that there is something wrong with the card?

    Did you try the same files on a different player?
  7. macdonjh
    At this time the only players I have are a pair of AK Jrs. I don't use the SD card slot since I only load up a couple of hundred songs at a time and then use it as a juke box. The problem has to be with the internal memory, or my server software not converting the files from WAV to FLAC properly suddenly.
  8. kubig123
    Try then with a sd card, just few files to see if the player can read them.
  9. macdonjh
    Problem solved with FLAC and the AK Jr. It turns out to be a difficulty with J-River Media Center. When converting WAV to FLAC Media Center started producing some weird combination of 6 channel, 32 bit, 44.1 kHz something-something-something files that the AK didn't recognize. I went into the signal processing menu and forced 2 channel 44.1kHz output, reconverted the troublesome files and all is right with the world. Or at least the AK Jr part of the world.

    My apologies for temporarily high jacking this thread.
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  10. Ultrainferno
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  11. harris4crna
    Been using the AK70 for the past year. No real problems until the last couple days. It wont turn on. Charged it, but now it is dead. Anyone else have had this issue. Will need to try to return it. In the end, most likely will not purchase a A&K again.
  12. macdonjh
    Rookie question: if SACD/ DSD can't be ripped, why does it matter if a DAP has DSD capability? Where are digital DSD files coming from? In order not to hijack this thread, please PM with your comment or a link to the answer. I've searched here for "ripping DSD" and "ripping SACD".
  13. Mython Contributor
    I'm sorry to hear your AK70 has developed a fault.

    However, it is the nature of electronic devices that they eventually develop faults, a small percentage of each product reaching that point in time sooner than the majority percentage.

    Independent repair centres earn a living because of this unavoidable reality. NO MANUFACTURER of consumer electronics devices has ever produced a 100% fault-free-forever device.

    It is also worth remembering that device manufacturers, themselves, are at the mercy of the hundreds or thousands of components (capacitors, etc.) they use that are manufactured by other companies, and even those component manufacturers are at the mercy of slight inconsistencies in the quality or purity of raw materials supplied to them.

    Batteries, especially, are notoriously prone to faults, inconsistencies, degradation, damage, etc.

    Of course, some faults may legitimately relate to poor design of poor manufacturing, by the device manufacturer, but it seems there is often a tendency for people to be very quick to blame the device manufacturer when a product develops a fault, without pausing to consider what a truly enormous number of variables may have contributed to a fault arising, many of which may be through no fault of the device manufacturer.

    Perhaps a more pragmatic approach is to accept, before you even buy a product, that there is a natural and unavoidable likelihood that, at some point during your future ownership, that product may develop a fault. With that understanding, what becomes more important is how well the manufacturer takes care of customers when dealing with faults.

    I feel your pain that your AK70 has developed a fault after just 1 year or so of usage, and I agree that that is unfortunately rather soon, but have you contacted your iRiver (A&K) dealer, yet, to see if & how they are willing to help you resolve the situation?

    Incidentally, in case you think I am an AK fanboy, just defending the company, for the sake of it, let me assure you that that is not the case. I'm just being evenhanded, with what I've written, above.
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  14. lantian
    People who own old PS3 can rip them as .iso images, when certain conditions met, not really legal from sony's point of view.
  15. Mython Contributor
    No need for a PM for a quick answer:

    I assure you that SACDs absolutely can be ripped (e.g. www.head-fi.org/threads/sacd-transferring.797613/), but it is a challenging process requiring specific hardware and specific software. If you care to do the research, the information is out there in cyberspace. You don't hear about people doing it, much, because it can be a really geeky endeavour, with lots of technical obstacles to overcome, and, as such, can be a major hassle.

    Furthermore, SACDs are often wildly overpriced, and DSD files have become increasingly widely available for purchase, as digital downloads, from online retailers of Hi-Res music, such as Acoustic Sounds and Blue Coast Records
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
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