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Astell & Kern AK70 MKII with dual DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Bengkia369, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. kubig123
    Well, first do you know that you can only stream tidal and not save the songs On the payer? This drastically reduce the opportunity to listen to tidal, since you need a WiFi connection.
    Second Even if I tried tidal for over 8 months I’m not completely sold to this kind of music subscriptions, I prefer buying songs than paying a monthly subscription.
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  2. kubig123
    I considered the kann for a while, the most interesting feature is the double storage, between the sd and the micro sd card you could almost store 1tb of songs, but it looks and weights like a brick. :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. THGM
    Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, I was aware that Tidal is not available offline but that isn't too much of a problem for me. I guess, then, that apart from that AK is the way to go? Thinking of AK70ii - which seems to get a lot of love here - or Kann.
  4. kubig123
    I really like it, if you like a warm signature you won’t regret this player.
    Of course if you have the opportunity to try it before buying that’s even better.
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  5. THGM
    Thanks for the recommendation. Yes, like all things audio it would be sensible to try it and compare it before purchase. These forums are helpful in narrowing the choice down - or does the reverse occur??!! :)
  6. kubig123
    the player is just one piece of the puzzle, earphones, cables and personal taste must be taken into consideration.
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  7. sluker
    Has anyone tried a 400gb SD card with this?
  8. uncle b
    I am currently using a SanDisk 400gb card and it works perfectly, loving all this storage!
  9. macdonjh
    Has anyone compared the AK70II to the Questyle QP2R? I'm satisfied with the AK sound I've heard from my Jr. and I want to try balanced out with my Lyra II, so I am considering the 70II. However, as I've posted, I'm troubled by the sudden refusal of my AK players (two Jr.s) to FLAC files. So maybe it's time to explore a different path.
  10. Majestic Eagle
    Listening to the campfire jupiters in the balanced 2.5 everyday for the last few months . Really enjoy the full sound Im getting from the setup .Added the ALO reference 8 cable about a month ago in balanced 2.5 and it really paired well giving a more full sound . Must say really digging it !
  11. MaxD
    Had my AK70 MkII for two months now, using it every day. Loving it. I have been trying it with different headphones, OPPO PM3's (Balanced cable) Shure SE535's (Balanced cable), B&W PX (Bluetooth APTX HD), Sennheiser Momentum II It is not struggling with any of the weird or Wi-Fi stuff.

    Fare too much detail for me on the SE535's though (Gary filters), just ordered the brown to clean that up a bit.

    Made the balanced cables myself with parts from Toxic. The setup has more detail than my FIIO X5 II or X5 II.
  12. Darren Cotter
    Hi All

    Has anyone compared the AK70ii to the FiiO X7ii? I'm not interested in any type of streaming, having been a QP1R owner, so it's all down to sound quality and the ability to drive headphones.


  13. Mython Contributor
    4 months later, and a thread-search isn't showing any direct user-comparisons between AK70ii and Plenue R. Is the thread-search missing something, or has no one really done a comparison yet? blink-emoticon.gif
  14. Sonic-Debris
    Hey guys wanting a little help, I have the AK100II and thinking of an upgrade. I went into my local store today, and they let me listen to the AK70MKII and I didn't mind it at all, then I tried the Fiio X7II, which was what I initially went in to try out. I was using a pair of their Fiio F9 and was finding that there was a bit of a lack of bass? I did fiddle with the EQ but the sliders did not really change much. Could this be due to the IEM I was using? maybe the tips did not get a good seal? they were using balanced too, I did like the better volume compared to my 100II. Basically I am looking for a worthy upgrade. The UI of the AK was far nicer, but Fiio was way bigger like a phone, and I think was running old firmware, the Fiio EQ seemed to not do anything much

    I couldn't decide so I said I would do more research. I liked the overall size of the 70MKII, and the volume knob was better, as with the 100II I sometimes get it change in my pocket. The current phones I have are the RHA T20I and Momentum 2 over ears, I thought I would pick up the Fiio F9 or F9Pro while I was upgrading, any thoughts on this?

    To give you some more info, the AK100II was my first DAP, and I would often bump the bass up a bit too.
  15. Sonic-Debris
    Had this issue with my AK100ii, just factory reset it and then do a library scan.
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