Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
  1. Malevolent
    I've only heard the AK380 SS once, and it was with its amp attached. It is a very solid-sounding combination, and comes really close to the SP1000 in sheer clarity and detail.

    In any case, the SE5-way Ultimate is a very revealing IEM that I've found easy to combine with various sources. Even though it's been over a year since I last heard the earphone, my lasting impression is one of amazement. Hence, it could very well be the IEM's innate strengths that helped you discern noticeable differences between both states (with and without the amp).
  2. Uncle Monty
    About to download Android File Transfer to another MacBook - I think AFT might have been updated recently to work better with Macs - someone on here mentioned another file transfer app they thought worked better - might have been Total Commander - any advice from AK owners / Mac users appreciated.
  3. ctsooner22
    Hi all. New to the ak380cu + amp. It should be here in the next week or so. I may have a few questions going forward and I'm new to sd cards and downloads. I come from the 2 channel world where I've helped folks since 69, put together high end systems. Have gone from Stax Lambda Pros in the 80' (sold last year) to Sennheisers to Noble Savants (still use). to soon to be purchased, TOTL Empire Ears CIEMs and many others. Also use ZMF Ori's for my 2 channel system on weekend mornings run through an Ayre QX5/20 DAC/amp balanced mode with Audio Arts cable in Pono balanced connection.

    About to purchase the new Scan card micro sd 400gb that's on sale. Very excited to be here. Thanks
  4. burtomr
    Where is the 400gb on sale?
  5. ctsooner22
    Best Buy is where I got mine
  6. 13candles
    If I may ask ; is your amp also the copper amp or some other "colour" ? If so is it brand new or second hand ?

    I am also looking for a copper amp for the ak380 and would rather buy one brand new but it's next to impossible find one still sealed in box...
  7. ctsooner22
    It's the matching amp. I got it from a. great poster from this board. I have no problems with the patina thing as I'll use a case anyways. I also have no problems with polishing if I decide to go that route too. I do know that the copper one sounds a bit warmer and more inviting for my ears than SS or duraluminum or whatever the allow is. JMHO
  8. sandy1010
    Hey everyone,

    Is there an ‘artist radio’ option in the AK Tidal app like there is on the normal phone app? I can’t seem to see it.

    Also regarding the Tidal app, it’s be great if we could get a quick scroll bar, or at least be able to arrange the artists in a more condensed form. Just a list, no pictures.
  9. Omega139
    Post edit:

    Alrighty friends, i've already gone too deep down the rabbit hole and decided to cancel my SS 240 order and increased my budget to get something better. I want to pay around 2500.

    I REALLY want a 380SS, but given my budget I think it's going to be highly unlikely that i'll find one for that price. In that regard, I can easily find a 380 in gunmetal for 2500. However, I came across the SP1000 stainless steel which I can get for a couple extra hundred dollars.

    How does the SP1000 SS compre to the 380 gunmetal or the 380SS?
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  10. zuber
    I have just ordered AK380 on Amazon UK for £1700! I think there is no more in that price, I was the last one.
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  11. haiku
    Congrats, mate! I´m sure, you won´t regret it!
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  12. haiku
    Right now, I own all AK3XX Models and the SP1000Cu, but I have to say that in terms of sheer musicality and enjoyment, I still prefer my AK380 Black Limited Edition to all the other models.
  13. ChrisSC
    So I'm thinking of getting an external charger for my ak380, due to its only-average battery life. Does anyone know its power requirements?

    This bag would be particularly sweet, but is it powerful enough to charge?:[r|[t|link[p|1820572189[a|B071FQ463D[au|5727177402741770316[b|deals
  14. mthaynes
  15. blackwolf1006
    Intresting. Are you using the AKAMP with the 380?. How does the power and clarity compare to the sp1000

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