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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
  1. Uncle Monty
    Amazon UK has the AK380ss at £4799 ($6276)
    SP1000ss or cu - £3299 ($4315)
    AK380cu - £2263 ($2960)

    Don't know why you'd pay £1500 more for AK380ss over SP1000ss and AK380ss is double price of AK380 cu.

    They must have a glut of AK380cu units they can't shift.
  2. maii
    Isn’t the 380SS a combo Dap+Amp, and the price of SP1000 is DAP alone and 380CU is DAP alone. It’s very good price for the 380CU
  3. Uncle Monty
    You're right - hadn't noticed that, but the description includes the amp.
    Still expensive!
  4. Uncle Monty

    Another £100 off.
  5. lights
    It would almost be a gamble to buy one right now. It's at a good price now especially if the price goes back up, but it might also drop further.
  6. Uncle Monty
    I know - I don't need one but I'd like one - how far will it drop before someone cracks?
  7. 13candles
    Wow.... But is it still BNIB and vacuumed sealed wrapped ?
  8. lights
    I've been planning to get the SP1000 but if the AK380 prices are dropping like this I might consider a 380 instead.
  9. Uncle Monty
    It seems mad that the copper is so much cheaper than the titan (£2,999 / 2 in stock) and the black (£3,199 / 1 in stock) as it was originally a bit more expensive - must be because they've got 4 in stock and want to get rid of them. I can't find a new copper amp for sale, so you'd have to pair it with a titan one if you wanted to go down that route, if you don't already have an AK amp. I think there's a 2nd hand copper amp on eBay. I haven't heard the SP1000 so I don't know how much better / different it is from the 380, but if you were on the lookout for a totl dac this is beginning to look like a bargain, sort of.

    Did AK only build 500 380cu ?
  10. Uncle Monty
    Brand new on Amazon UK.
  11. Uncle Monty
  12. JasonNYC
    We've finished internal testing and are happy to announce official support for the Sandisk 400GB microSD cards for all of Astell&Kern's players!
    Astell&Kern Stay updated on Astell&Kern at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  13. icebeam030
    I heard the AK PEF is having little bass and pairs well with heavy-sounded earphones like t8ie cuz it improves transparency greatly. How would it be a good pair with Zeus which is already very crisp and sharp?
  14. wldcohso
    Anyone heard the AK380 Stainless Steel? I have a somewhat good deal on it and want some impressions.
  15. 13candles
    Yes I have. I heard it with both it's amp on and off. On its own, the 380ss is slightly brighter than the regular 380. With it being brighter this results in its treble being seemingly just that wee bit more extended... However it still retains the thick bold signature of the 380 series but is less liquid than the regular.

    With its attached amp however ; I was somewhat surprised when it became slightly warmer although it still retained its initial resolution.with added warmth especially in its midrange , the bass naturally seemed slightly more robust.

    Alot of others have stated that using the proprietary AK amp didn't bring any sonic changes and based on such comments , what I actually heard was indeed surprising but undoubtedly; very welcome

    One caveat is that I was using my SE5U when I listened to the 380ss stack. The SE5U scales very well with its source and hence I guess that's why I managed to hear sonic differences with the SS Amp when others couldn't. No offense to others but this is what I heard and I hope it helps .

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