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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. raypin
    Mm..interesting successor to the ak380/380 cu.
  2. xxx1313
    I will, but keep in mind that ambient noise will not be helpful to make real judgements. :triportsad:
  3. LouisArmstrong
    Look forward to your review. Please remember to try the SP1000Cu if it is available and let us know whether there are similar differences.
  4. bmichels
    On my way to MUNICH . :) :wink:
  5. Eroica4th
  6. xxx1313
  7. Quadfather
    I sent the AK240SS back for a refund. I still have my Questyle QP1R, which was 1/3 of the price. Very happy with it.
  8. Samuel777
    AK380 cu + amp cu still remain the best of all. Time and listening will show and tell.
    I kept myself ne preciously. That think will come to miss on the market very very soon. And the few elected owners will start appreciate their cu combo more and more.
  9. bflat
    I would agree with you from the context of the total end to end chain. At this level of spend and performance, I find it quite an effort and cost to get everything "just right" to my personal tastes. When you consider the chain of audio file to DAC to amp to headphone cable to headphone, changing any one of the links comes at the risk. Alternatively, one could spend a lot of dollars on "upgrading" one of the links and get no tangible benefit. If I were to consider upgrading to the new SP1000, I would only do it if I were prepared to revisit everything in my current chain.
  10. Eroica4th
    Umm i wonder how is the patina on ur ak380cu these days
  11. LouisArmstrong
    Is the copper on the SP1000Cu different? I heard it is stainless copper so I presume it won't rust so fast as my AK380Cu right?
  12. ChrisSC
    Are there any other Ak380 mods besides the Red Wine Audio, which is no longer being offered?
  13. raypin
    Mm...according to @bmichels, the info from A&K during Munich is that the new copper version is tarnish-proof. So, no polishing needed.
  14. justin07
    Hi guys... Quick question. Anyone found a way to maintain AK380cu shine after polishing. Does copper protector e.g., tarnish blocker, help? or would these chemical affects the sound quality? Or should I just give up on polishing? Lol
  15. raypin
    Mm..none. You can retard the tarnishing by protecting your cu with a case (I use Aesopica pueblo blue). Other than that, it requires tlc.
    Last edited: May 30, 2017
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