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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. Uncle Monty

    I didn't mean file errors, I meant errors like AFT deleting stuff it wasn't meant to.
  2. TaylorDawe
    Ah, ok, my apologies - I misunderstood your post.
  3. Uncle Monty

    Yeah, it has AFT but you have to pay for it - as opposed to free AFT - what's the difference?
  4. bflat

    Unfortunately I had only one experience with Eltima software and it was bad. They advertised a money back guarantee back when I tried their product with my AK240. It did not work and I asked for and they agreed to a refund within 5 days. I kept checking and asking numerous times over 6 weeks and was basically given the "check is in the mail" story. Finally sent a copy of my entire email exchange with them to my credit card company for a charge back. They did respond to each of my emails though which made the charge back super easy.
  5. Uncle Monty
    Someone mentioned they'd tried moving files around their AK380 (from Internal Memory to SD card) using the functions on the player itself with disastrous results. Has anyone else found this - or does anyone find it works for them?
    Also, how do users find the 'delete' option on their 380 - anyone successfully deleted tracks / albums using the functions on the player itself?
    The reason I ask - I'm ripping many many CDs to my 380 right now and I can't be bothered skipping tracks I don't like. So, instead, I thought I'd simply 'delete' these tracks as I come across them.  
  6. TaylorDawe
    That was me, Monty. And as far as deleting tracks goes - again, I found it unreliable in that after 'deleting' a track or tracks they would sometimes still be there. Or look as though they were deleted then, next time I looked, they were back. I just stopped using the 'internal' file operations.
  7. Uncle Monty
    Thanks #TaylorDawe - has anyone manage to use these functions or is a firmware update required?
  8. onlychild

    I've found that you can only truly delete tracks when you bring them up by album. When bring them up through a playlist or genre, they look like they are deleting, but they are still really there.
  9. Uncle Monty
    I'll maybe give that a go.
    When I move files from Ripping to Music, should I do a Media Scan?
  10. TaylorDawe
    I'm  not really sure, Monty. I never do a scan unless there is some anomaly such as not seeing an album or the art for it that I have recently added. And this happens so rarely with me that I can't remember the last time I manually started a scan. I certainly don't find that I have to do this by default. But, you use a different system with which to perform file operations on your player, so it might be different for you. 
  11. rbalcom
    The AK does a Media Scan every time it is powered on to look for changes. Doing a manual scan deletes the complete library and rebuilds it. That can be useful if making large changes like moving 5000 tracks from the internal memory to the sdcard.

    Best chance of success would be to delete the tracks you do not want at the end of each album rip and using the folder view to move those tracks in the album you are keeping to their final location. Keeping the operations small gives the Android less chance to mess up the operation.

    Just my opinion.
  12. bflat
    I know this is of not much help for the folks with rippers, but here is my workflow that has served me well:
    Hardware - Mac Pro with a powered external CD drive that I put together (USB case plus an ASUS CD ROM drive that has good reviews for ripping accuracy).
    1a) If ripping from CD, I just use iTunes with error correction enabled and ALAC format. Only thing I do extra is manually add album art within iTunes so that it embeds the album art to each track. I just google for the album art file. This ensures album art displays in AK.
    1b) If downloaded purchase, I use Xact to checkout meta tags and album art, and manual fix where needed. I also encode to ALAC if not already in that format. I found this is much quicker than automated tools, plus I have my own criteria for genre that is much more simple and tailored to me. I also have my own tagging method for various artist albums.
    2) Import directly to iTunes. The reason for this is that iTunes creates a copy in a very logical folder hierarchy that goes by Album Artist, then Album. It also renames each track to the track title. I didn't realize how important this is and so glad I did it because I use Folder view in AK 90% of the time. I would like AK to change Artist view to Album Artist, but that seems unlikely.
    3) I open up my iTunes media folder in Finder and sort by modified date so I have my most recent rips/download at the top
    4) I connect my AK using AFT
    5) I copy the new tracks to AK using the same folder structure as iTunes
    I treat my iTunes folder as my backup and also for desktop use. However, I don't use iTunes to play the tracks, I use Audrivana+ to play bit perfect output and have the configured Audrivana+ to use the iTunes library.
    Just because I can, I also have my iTunes folder sync'ed with my Onedrive cloud storage for another cloud backup. I do have a past experience where my hard drive died and I had to re-rip over 800 CDs. I swore I would never do that again.
    From my experience I can tell you that most of the AFT connections issues are on AK side to fix. AFT has not been updated since 2012 and when I tried to use it with AK240, it was pretty horrendous. Constant disconnects and had to move only about 20-30 GB at time to prevent it from freezing. On AK380 I've copied the entire 200+ GB of files in one shot without issues. I also had a Sony Android phone not too long ago and same thing - filled up a 200 GB card in one shot. This is all using the same exact version of AFT.
  13. olddude
    I use AFT with my iMac and AK240SS and rarely have any problems.  Workflow is simple, I have an external CD/DVD/BD player plugged in via USB.  I just pop a CD in the player, open up XLD (freeware), choose the CD, and rip it to a folder.  If cover art doesn't show up via the database function of XLD I just go to Google and find it, drag a copy to my desktop and then drag it to my XLD window.  I rip in FLAC but there are all sorts of options in XLD prefs.  Keep in mind that WAV doesn't always play well with art.  Once the ripped music is in the folder I simply plug in the 240SS using the supplied USB cable, AFT opens up, and I drag over the files I want to either the internal or the card.  Note that if you are using a card it can be faster to just pop out the card and use a card reader. Also only drag one folder at a time.  Both internal and card have a root folder named Music, and everything goes in them.  
    I have files organized in album folders and those are nestled in artist folders (all Beatles album folders in a Beatles folder).  Keeps the clutter down.  So, Music>The Beatles>Abbey Road/Revolve/Sgt.Pepper etc.  
    I also make sure the tags are correct using either XLD or Yate (payware tagging app).  Tags that are incorrect can really throw the AK devices off and the software gets busy trying to find stuff and that creates issues.  Happy tags=happy device.  
    Once in a while things lock up but it's easy to simply unplug the device and replug it- AFT reopens and things are fine again.  If you choose to delete using AFT just be very sure what you are selecting.  The files do not go to Trash, they just....disappear.  I usually just pull a folder back to the desktop to work on files, rather than trying to work on it (edit) on the device.  
    I keep my backups on an external 4tb external drive, though I don't bother to backup ripped CDs as I can always re-rip them.  Anything downloaded is on the external in named folders for easy access.   
  14. Uncle Monty
    All of the above is really interesting - at least to a technical ignoramus like me. I really hate moving files and folders around - I always fear the worst...
    #bflat - you'll laugh at me - been using iTunes for years - how exactly do you manually add album art so that it embeds into the track? For me, it either appears automatically or it doesn't.
    Also - frustrated by the way the Ripper deals with various artists compilations - gets the song names but just labels the artist as 'various' which is annoying. I suppose there's a way of adding the correct artist by going in to the individual files but what a hassle...
  15. bflat

    No worries, it's not obvious in iTunes. You right click on the full album or select all the tracks of the album and right click. You will see several options but select "Get Info". This will open up a small window that shows all the tags and a separate tab for artwork. Once you select Album Art you just use the option to add and then select the image file then save.

    ITunes keeps album art in a separate database so even if you see art in ITunes it may not display on your AK. Even if I see the right album art in iTunes, I delete it and replace it with an jpg file I find just using google. Once I do this, it forces iTunes to embed the image in each track.
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