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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. Rei87

    Satisfactory, is a relative standard that changes depending on the person. Yes, it is far from ideal as you have guessed, you will hear the music, but it will lack that body and full weighted sound that comes from a properly driven can. 
  2. xxx1313
    Yes, AK380 + amp will definitely drive HD600 and Focal Elear, with some headroom left. In my case it drives HD800S and HE-1000 easily and very well.
  3. nogi replicant
    The craftsmanship and attention to detail of these Aesopica cases is off the chain. Beautiful cases.

  4. Mr-Nice
    I am in the market for a new DAP. For a long time I have been considering buying an AK dap to see what such daps are all about.
    Right now AK380 is the flagship, but do you know when a newer model would be released. 
  5. WayneWoondirts
    It's rumored that a new flagship will see the light in Munich at High End show in May.
  6. Dionysus
    Right now the AK380 is their Flagship, speculation is AK will launch a new flagship product the AKXXX at the Munich show I believe that show is in May?
  7. bflat
    Random recommendation:
    If you a looking for a mid-priced IEM that is comfortable and capable, take a listen to the Oriolus Forsteni. My impressions are here paired with the AK380 + Amp:
    The really interesting thing to me is that these fit so flush, I could get a pair of sound isolating ear muffs and slip them over the Forsteni for a really high amount of noise isolation when I fly, which is frequent. I just can't get over the weird feeling of active noise cancellation. It feels like a negative vacuum in my ears so I've been trying to come up with a better solution.
  8. bmichels
    yes High-End Munich is May 18 to 21.  I will be there for the third time.... and run direct to the A&K booth when I arrive there [​IMG]
  9. dezispop

    Just received my RWAK380 combo today, as the first impression, I m very happy for the MOD, especially the bass and the treble extension, FULLER sound indeed.
  10. bmichels
    congratulation.   This unit might becomes one day a collector since apparently Winnie stopped doing MODs, so it may be the LAST RWAK !
  11. Bengkia369

    Since Vinnie became a gal?! Lol
  12. Sleepow
    Trying to improve my portable setup from Sony ZX2 to maybe the AK380 and from the Etymotic 4RXR to something revealing, detailed and more or less flat (looking for a similar signature as the Etys but with more detail)

    Any recommendation for IEM that would fit this signature and pair well with the AK380?
  13. Samuel777
    I need help for my combo CU 
    I use this product to protect the AMP : HG protection for copper: http://en.fr.hg.eu/products/show/id/1212/silver__copper___brass_polish_no_more_finish
    and now I have seen that it doesn't look nice, and I want to completely remove it. they said to use acetone to remove it but I have tried and can't remove it.
    can you help me please ?
  14. Dellwolf
    Hm, maybe the Final Audio F7200. I haven't ever listen to it on the AK380(I don't own an AK380), but I'm writing a review at the moment, which should be done by the end of this month. Once I'm done with the review I'm thinking about selling my F7200 that Final gave to me to review because I want to buy a Schiit Jotenhiem.
  15. Bengkia369

    Don't waste your money on a F7200, it's nothing impressive.
    I would rather top up either to FAD FI-BA-SS or Fitear Tg334 on a AK380.
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