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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. bflat

    LOL, I would bet that you once told yourself "....there is no damn way I'm gonna spend $12K on no damn DAC!"
    that was probably right after you said "....there is no damn way I'm gonna spend $5K on no damn DAP!"
  2. onlychild

    OMG, you are so right, and that was just a year ago!!  
  3. bflat

    As my profile says, all I wanted a few years ago was to fix the cable on my "very expensive" Klipsch Custom 3 IEM. After I was told it was a lost cause, I needed to buy a new IEM and I gave myself an unbelievable budget of $300. I really wish I would have stopped there.....
  4. onlychild

    In 2007 I was taking a trip with my wife and needed something that would power both of our headphones.  I ended up buying a Boostaroo amp for $30.  This eventually led me to head-fi as I searched for "portable amps", and though my wallet has suffered, I have never enjoyed music as much as I have these past 9 years.
    Amazingly they still sell this crappy amp 
  5. vicentk
    In Hong Kong we had 50 quota but it seem all sold in 2 days [​IMG] , follow photo is my friend, on coming Monday I'll try to SS vs CU.
  6. ironpeg
    Most of the people I've known to own Cu and tried SS tend to prefer Cu than SS.
  7. Alumi
    Several days ago tidal starts to stream music in master quality, that means hi res audio translation in MQA. Anybody knows does ak380 supports that MQA?
  8. Samuel777
    Mine bellow since 4 days.
  9. raypin

    Mm..nope. Not yet anyway. Hopefully soon portable devices can stream Tidal masters. For now, it is PC or Mac.
  10. Rei87
    on a side note, previously I had posted on the issue of audio tweaks, specifically on the use of Telos stickers which were to be used on the internal components of the player. Anyway, given my rather satisfactory experience with the use of the telos stickers on the memory/memory controller chips/resistors and so on (namely on the components directly below the battery), I decided to go the whole 9 yards and hit every single exposed components on the flipside of the board with the sticker too (even the screen controller chips).

    Unfortunately, this is where I will deviate from the usual hypeboles where one proclaims sonic revelations. Rather, now, my CU has so far to the extreme end of musicality that it is sooooo bassy and musical, to the point that has now obscured the micro details that made the CU so outstanding. heck, even the 1Z isnt this bassy. 

    So, in a nutshell, too much of a good thing is never a good idea.....ya.....Probably going to have to remove a couple of stickers and see how this turns out....

    But to add on the the CU/SS comparison. Pre-sticker overkill, I certainly preferred the CU over the SS. Altho I must sat that the 'stainless' aspect of the SS is certainly way more appealing than the CU. 
  11. Samuel777
    none advice ?
  12. Kiats

    It is not good for the health of the battery iirc. I recall there were a few posts in this respect. :)
  13. AnakChan Moderator

    A little AK380SS & NW-WM1Z comparison. the AK380SS is dry and sterile by comparison to the NW-WM-1Z, more so than the AK380Cu. If the AK380Cu was referency, AK380SS is reference.

    At this level I think it's merely paring synergy rather than technical excellence as both Sony & AK are technically excellent.

    With my Fitear MH335DW-SR the AK380SS won out in the sense of airiness, spaciousness. The NW-WM1Z was more warm/intimate by comparison.

    But with the Tralucent 1Plus2.2, the AK380SS was a little too strerile for my liking. The NW-WM1Z balances out more nicely with the Tralucent.
    sonickarma and wikxzen like this.
  14. Rei87

    There is a possibility of doing your own battery replacement mod, so I dont really think its an issue. 
  15. Fr_eak
    Perhaps a little naive question. Can the AK380 + amp drive full size headphones like Hd600 or Focal Elear to a satisfactory / respectable level? I realise it is probably a little bit far from ideal especially comparing with the use of a proper desktop amp.

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