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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. bflat
    Well, I figured out the problem with Tidal and my home network. My comcast xfinity router is set to block ICMP as a standard security setting. When I allow for external ICMP, Tidal on the AK380 works. However, my iPhone and Mac OS Tidal apps work fine while ICMP is blocked. It's only AK380 that won't work. I unfortunately don't have another Android device to compare. I did get some support responses from AK so I sent them this information and will see what they say.
    I am also going to consult with some IT friends to see if there are any risks with enabling ICMP.
  2. AnakChan Moderator
    I believe the application implementation of Tidal on other devices (e.g. iPhone/Android/Mac/PC) isn't the same as the Tidal implementation on the AK players. That may explain why you're seeing differences of why Tidal in one platform works whilst Tidal on another platform doesn't.
    That implementation takes on other obvious ways such as the the availability of offline mode vs not.
  3. Samuel777
    Question about battery use :
    What impact on battery health and life when we use the DAP regularly connected to the charger at home or in charging mode connected to the computer ? 
  4. LouisArmstrong
    Good to hear that Cu is still the best. The best of the best of the best.
  5. Bengkia369

    Yeah sublime lol
  6. Rei87
    What is money? 
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  7. Eroica4th
    I will ask this question frequently since it is cool....

    Can you guys, who didn't polish their ak380cu post pictures that clearly show the patina? And please mention how long it was left unpolished.

    Be friendly n help <3
  8. sonickarma
    Mine AK380CU has never been polished - 8 months
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  9. Eroica4th

  10. onlychild

    1 year for mine. Plenty of pics in the For Sale section

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  11. Samuel777
    If only you could to sell me one leather case !!! but anyway. 
  12. bflat

    This is confirmed. I got a response back from AK support and they acknowledged the issue with ICMP and informed me that their Tidal App is custom for AK. They will try to address this in a future release. Whether each AK user wants to block external ICMP on their router or not is an individual choice.
  13. onlychild
    Would love to man, but if I don't get close to my asking price, I'm just gonna keep everything.  
    I had a bunch of people ask about the case but you were the first.  If new potential buyer doesn't want it, I'll be calling you.
  14. Samuel777
    thanks a lot my friend. will keep my ears open !  
    For those who have sold or want to sell their CU for upgrade : make sure, nothing will sound excellent anymore like the AK380 copper + amp copper! "nothing in the past" and in future from AK will reach the cu level.
    before I use to listen to music, but since I got the cu combo : I enjoy music
  15. onlychild

    It definitely is an excellent combo.  Nothing portable/transportable I have heard sounds as good.  
    My next upgrade, and reason for selling the AK380cu, is the Chord DAVE, and that is in an entire different level, and at close to $12k, it damn well better be.  
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