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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. Malevolent
    I prefer the AK380 as a standalone DAP in comparison with the Mojo. However, I prefer the latter over the AK240. All are un-amped. In essence, if you love the AK380, you wouldn't be gaining anything by using the Mojo. The latter is still a fantastic DAC, though. It's just unwieldy when used with another DAP.
  2. raypin

    Mm..re: Labkable ordering. Just shoot an email to Labkable to get quote. Response is within 24 hours. Pay via Paypal. The 2.5 mm to 4.4 mm is 75 bucks plus shipping.

    Re: 1A. The 380 cu still trumps the 1A. I'm testing the balanced output (4.4 mm) to the Z1R. Also, the 1A can convincingly drive the Focal Utopia out of 3.5 mm SE. I am loving the pairing. Getting a 4.4 mm balanced cable for the Utopia to see how it sounds balanced out of the 1A. I think a good copper will pair well with the Utopia and amp up the bass a little bit. Axios perhaps.
  3. Samuel777
    sorry for my questions,
    To the cu owners, how do you clean your leather case (the one from iRiver) when it is dusty ?
  4. raypin
    Mm..if it is just dust, wipe it with a microfiber cloth. For stains, I just wet the cloth a little bit and dry the leather case using a fan. Then apply a little bit of leather conditioner.
  5. Samuel777
    I realize that the case is fully dirty. if I could wash it
  6. Dionysus
    DONT use water it will stain the case, I did and I stained it a little on the back right. It just wont go away.
    I now use Lexol. Also the texture of the CU case the chestnut blond, is different than the say, Navy blue which I also purchased. The Navy, Wine and the gray have a different texture and are more of water repelint texture while the chestnut is more fabric.
  7. Lavakugel
    In what sound regard do you prefer ak380 over a1?
  8. Lavakugel
    Again everybody sells their c u and get the ss :)
  9. AnakChan Moderator

    Just me but I personally found the SS a little too sterile for me. Granted my tastes has changed somewhat.
  10. Jalo
    That is a good observation on the SS. I think anything that is more dry than the CU is too dry. cU is the limit for me.
  11. mike7898
    Anyone have any issue with their original AK380 & AK AMP while listening to music sometimes it will make a buzzing sound & then the sound will cut off.then I would restart it and it would work fine. I cleaned the pins of the AMP with a cloth hope that help the problem. Also using a. Siliver Dragon v3 cable from moon audio in balanced mode but I really don't think the cable would be the issue.

  12. blackwolf1006
    Do you hear the same sound connected directly to the AK380 without the amp?
  13. mike7898
    No works perfect.Happen 2 times to me for only having it a year now.Just annoying these AK products are pricey enough and this should not happen at all
  14. etteoh
    I experienced the same (well somewhat the same) but its happened to me more than just twice. But when it did happen, it's usually when I'm playing some hi-res material on the SD Card and then switch immediately to DSD on the Internal Storage. I hear a faint buzz and all is quiet even though the screen shows playback. At that point, I will no longer get any sound, regardless of format and storage source until I restart the AK380.
    In the same scenario, if I stop the hi-res material playback before switching to DSD, then it never happens. It's only when I make the abrupt switch that this crap happens. I have to say it doesn't always happen and I can't reproduce the issue all the time but it does happen every now and then. Mystery to me to this day. 
  15. ironpeg
    I wouldn't do that. SS didn't outperform Cu at all.
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