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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. raypin
  2. parabellum777
    Do you think they are better than the Norne Audio?
    I want to buy a 2,5 TRRS to 3,5 adaptor and I don´t know which one to choose.
  3. Samuel777

    have a look on this one also : https://www.null-audio.com/products/null-audio-2-5mm-balanced-to-3-5mm-se-converter-for-astell-kern-players
    i have two, if you want one of mine PM me.
  4. raypin
    Mm..don't have experience with Norne adaptor. I do have one of their cables. Excellent build and performance.
  5. bflat

    You can also checkout headphonelounge.com. Ted Allen does all custom build to order. I personally prefer the adapters that have a short length of cable for maximum flexibility of use.
  6. ironpeg
    Effect Audio, DHC, Plussound Audio also sell 2.5 TRRS to 3.5 TRS, and 2.5 TRRS to 3.5 TRRS.
  7. parabellum777
    In fact I already have that cable adaptor from Ted, but I don´t know why the 2,5 female connector never worked properly. The sound is cut when you move a little bit the 3,5 male jack once it is connected to the female side.
    That´s why I´m looking for something different. I don´t think that female conector is good quality. The other pieces of the cable look very different.
    By the way, the cable is really microphonic. And I hate michophonics.
  8. parabellum777
    Thanks for your offer, but I prefer to buy one of the other two.
  9. Dellwolf
    How long is the memory wire? It looks super long in every picture I've seen. I've been looking at purchasing for about a month, I haven't contacted Ted yet, but I'm probably going to get something more custom done when I do.
  10. nogi replicant

    Yeah they do look good. Can you actually order from that link? I can't see a price etc?

    So how do you compare the AK380/ak380+amp to the Sony 1A? There is nowhere at the moment here in Australia that has 1A stock that I can demo.
  11. bflat
    Weird wifi problems with my CU.
    Tidal works fine at my office and also via iPhone hot spot (T-Mobile). But when I try to use my home wifi that is on Comcast Xfinity, Tidal can't connect. Only MOOV can connect. The Tidal app on my iPhone using the Xfinity wifi also works fine. Just the AK380 on Xfinity wifi router can't connect to Tidal. Any advice? I have the firewall on the Xfinity router on default settings.
  12. nogi replicant
    Whilst discussing wifi, the range on the wifi is pretty lame. Possibly the only thing about the 380 that I have found dissapointing. Can't play Tidal from my home office as the wifi is too far away, all my other wifi devices connect from there easily. I could get a signal amplifier I guess though.
  13. Uncle Monty

    I had the same issue - all of my devices hook up with my wi-fi no problem, but the 380 struggled to get even a 'poor' connection. Solved it by simply getting a cheap NetGear wi-fi extender and plugging it in nearby where I tend to use my 380. 
    I've been happily using the cd ripper for a couple of weeks - probably approx 100 ads so far - without a hitch and the 380's wifi gets the Gracenote album art etc no problem.
    I think the lack of space within the device means the wifi 'aerial' is pretty tiny.
  14. Samuel777
    Need your help : 
    where can we find the serial number of AK380 CU ?
  15. raypin
    Mm...it is etched in the bottom part of the chassis (above the charging port). You need a magnifying glass to read the series of numbers and letters. Teeny, tiny font.
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