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Astell & Kern AK380 Brand New

Trader History (20)
  1. dleblanc343
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    • North America
    F6F7B320-A447-47A6-A5F7-88F78250AE09.jpeg 42B3E6C4-4D73-4DD1-95EC-0CAC52FBA340.jpeg B2B34FA7-11A0-4F73-8F84-4946D3EF9011.jpeg BF5BFB9A-9917-43EB-91C4-10CDE182194E.jpeg 384AA02D-1245-4A76-9020-2F3F573FAE37.jpeg CA3A9DC6-D7AB-4B58-B532-35DA1E725EE5.jpeg 4D8231A5-BA1F-4F1F-B9AF-ADB219CFB9C7.jpeg 48BE4054-0A62-45C6-A506-5C26BFC61D1B.jpeg 9A9BEF84-4F1F-4963-8A91-400BF3094649.jpeg C4544456-06CC-4281-89AA-0E5CADE93AA8.jpeg 97CD802D-5D53-484F-8292-7FDCF385B851.jpeg A6F22276-0341-4239-BB2C-54A115891CF9.jpeg DDBCC75C-E30C-4025-82C3-0D6DB657566A.jpeg 744DC0C5-2E3F-4BCC-87F7-536DC8E029BA.jpeg

    This unit was used for about a week and indoors for review purposes. Its screen protectors and case have been left untouched, the item is in immaculate 10/10 condition, perfectly crystal clear glass, not a smudge or scratch anywhere on the body - new.

    Pet free, smoke free house.

    Thanks for your interest.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
  2. dleblanc343
    Just tried the SP1000M today thinking of upgrading to that, and was let down by the sound!

    Still for sale since I will use my phone straight to kse1500 as of now
  3. gazzington
    Hmm so the sp1000m doesn’t sound good? I’ve always fancied an ak but not sure what would be a good buy under a £1000
  4. dleblanc343
    I just don’t feel the SP1000 is much audibly superior, it does have a slightly more holographic soundstage but the tonality of it is a bit too rich coming from the already slightly warm ak380. For me, tonal accuracy and timbre is morr important, and I just find the AK380 more linear and compatible with various headphones/ iems.

    I do love the screen of the sp1000 more though, and it’s apparently getting offline tidal support so that’s a big plus.

    But I still favor the AK380 sound, and think it’s a special DAP, it’s just I graduated university and don’t find myself listening on the go so much so I’m in no need for a DAP really.
  5. gazzington
    How does dap compare to ak240?
  6. dleblanc343
    Night and day, I had the AK240 2 years ago and immediately sold it after hearinga Qp1r.

    I immediately sold the qp1r after hearing ak380, so the difference is huge
  7. dleblanc343
  8. dleblanc343
  9. geocleojohn
    PM sent
  10. FeiTow
  11. dleblanc343
  12. dleblanc343
  13. dleblanc343
  14. KimChee
    Sorry to be dense but this is the copper version isn’t it?
  15. LoveIEMS
    This is not the copper version. This is the duralumin version. @KimChee

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