Astell & Kern AK380 Brand New

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  1. dleblanc343
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    F6F7B320-A447-47A6-A5F7-88F78250AE09.jpeg 42B3E6C4-4D73-4DD1-95EC-0CAC52FBA340.jpeg B2B34FA7-11A0-4F73-8F84-4946D3EF9011.jpeg BF5BFB9A-9917-43EB-91C4-10CDE182194E.jpeg 384AA02D-1245-4A76-9020-2F3F573FAE37.jpeg CA3A9DC6-D7AB-4B58-B532-35DA1E725EE5.jpeg 4D8231A5-BA1F-4F1F-B9AF-ADB219CFB9C7.jpeg 48BE4054-0A62-45C6-A506-5C26BFC61D1B.jpeg 9A9BEF84-4F1F-4963-8A91-400BF3094649.jpeg C4544456-06CC-4281-89AA-0E5CADE93AA8.jpeg 97CD802D-5D53-484F-8292-7FDCF385B851.jpeg A6F22276-0341-4239-BB2C-54A115891CF9.jpeg DDBCC75C-E30C-4025-82C3-0D6DB657566A.jpeg 744DC0C5-2E3F-4BCC-87F7-536DC8E029BA.jpeg

    This unit was used for about a week and indoors for review purposes. Its screen protectors and case have been left untouched, the item is in immaculate 10/10 condition, perfectly crystal clear glass, not a smudge or scratch anywhere on the body - new.

    Pet free, smoke free house.

    Thanks for your interest.
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  2. dleblanc343
    Just tried the SP1000M today thinking of upgrading to that, and was let down by the sound!

    Still for sale since I will use my phone straight to kse1500 as of now
  3. gazzington
    Hmm so the sp1000m doesn’t sound good? I’ve always fancied an ak but not sure what would be a good buy under a £1000
  4. dleblanc343
    I just don’t feel the SP1000 is much audibly superior, it does have a slightly more holographic soundstage but the tonality of it is a bit too rich coming from the already slightly warm ak380. For me, tonal accuracy and timbre is morr important, and I just find the AK380 more linear and compatible with various headphones/ iems.

    I do love the screen of the sp1000 more though, and it’s apparently getting offline tidal support so that’s a big plus.

    But I still favor the AK380 sound, and think it’s a special DAP, it’s just I graduated university and don’t find myself listening on the go so much so I’m in no need for a DAP really.
  5. gazzington
    How does dap compare to ak240?
  6. dleblanc343
    Night and day, I had the AK240 2 years ago and immediately sold it after hearinga Qp1r.

    I immediately sold the qp1r after hearing ak380, so the difference is huge
  7. dleblanc343
  8. dleblanc343
  9. geocleojohn
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