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Astell&Kern AK T8iE MkⅡ(Impressions and discussions thread)

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  1. sanakimpro
    Excellent! Thanks for the reply. Can you post a photo of how your T8 + Arete III setup looks like? Did you also get the Mic Remote + Right angle connector? Kinda prefer right angle like the OEM cable over a straight plug.

    I'm near Singapore too and considering the Arete/Lune. Actually I heard from opinions here on Headfi and reddit that people preferred the Moon Audio Silver Dragon over the Null Audio stuff; do you have any experience with that?
  2. timechaser
    I never tried moon audio. Just went with NA.

    My setup is straight not right angle. I do wish I had gone for that tho.

    Will post up a pic sometime else or can send on WhatsApp if you fancy sending me your #
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  3. sanakimpro
    I tried the Acoustune ARC01 Unbalanced MMCX 3.5mm cable and I found it to be not too bad actually. It costs about USD 100 in my area and it definitely looks sturdy and long lasting. But it's heavy! Noticeably heavy when you pick it up, compared to the stock cable. I think when listening to music, someone can come from behind and garrote me and get away with it. Seriously.

    But it comes with a nice thick cable with 1 year warranty and apparently '114 strands of OFC' and is 'triple shielded' whatever that means. SQ wise because of the copper wire, I placeboed and heard more bass impact and recessed highs but I'm not sure if its true as I only tried it for 10 mins across 3 tracks.

    But I put it down simply because it was a... a WHIP. It wasn't a headphone cable. Too inflexible and too heavy. Built like a tank though. But no thanks.

    So I kept looking...
    Gotta say, instead of going for the higher end Null Audio, Moon Audio, Linum, Toxic Audio, etc, I thought why not play around for fun.

    So, I just bought a Chinese MMCX cable for the lulz but I'm seriously impressed... It sounds almost as good as the stock cable, fits well, no microphonics, won't tangle due to the braid structure (unlike the stock cable which tangles more than a snake!).

    It does look a bit cheap, but SQ wise, it's almost as good, with a bit of mid bass boost and recessed subbass, mids are a bit peaky, but highs are enhanced and sibilance prone (bad for AK T8 which already has treble emphasis) and the 3d soundstaging is slightly compressed and sometimes instruments are a bit more congested than I recall.

    Otherwise, it's just as loud, as energetic, and vocals still come out clear and nice. Bass kick is still what I remember it to be, impulse response is still fast to keep up, etc. I was hoping for a flat-ish sound signature and I think I got it for ONLY USD 8 including shipping. There were no official reviews whatsover, so it was a leap of faith purchase. Gotta say, it's so good I now want to buy the higher end cable around USD 30 just to see what happens. :-D

    I think I'm now on the 'cables don't do anything to SQ' side of the fence on the cable-SQ debate. Haha.

    Here's the link. Disclaimer: I'm just sharing my experience. I don't know the seller, just happened to buy and try it for fun and it was worth much much more than I expected. Maybe I had too low expectations for a USD 8 cable? :p

    Product Description
    Been looking for the perfect MMCX cable for your IEM with the best value for money ??
    Love the KZ multibraided silver-plated cable design but find it disappointing because it doesn't have the MMCX connector variant ??
    KZ hears what you folks out there have been looking for in ages !
    So now we have it, the new KZ MMCX Multibraided Upgrade Cable.

    Features --------------
    ● 8 cores multi-braid cable design, soft and lightweight.
    ● Silver plated OCC copper cable for lossless audio signal transmission, enhances audio quality.
    ● Coated with kevlar fibre for high cable strength and resiliency, extends its durability.
    ● Universal MMCX connector compatible with all IEMs with MMCX interface.
    ● HIFI grade 3.5mm gold-plated plug with straight metallic design.
    ● Memory wire earguide design, act as bendable earguide to help your IEM stays in your ear with a tight and secure fit.
    ● All around audio improvement: enhances high frequency extension, smooth out uneven treble response, give fuller sound with more body to female vocals, improves overall details, clarity and transparency.

    Specifications -----------------------
    Brand: KZ Model:
    MMCX Multibraided Upgrade Cable
    Cable type: Silver-plated OCC cable
    Cable specs: 8 cores
    Cable length: 1.2M
    Impedance: N/A
    Connector type: MMCX
    Connection: 3.5mm gold-plated straight hifi plug
    Compatible model: All IEMs with MMCX profile
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  4. alphanumerix1
  5. Peerayu
    Hi, I tried both versions of the Crystal Cable, and both matches perfectly to the T8ie mkII.
    From what I have tried (incl many TOTL cables from Beat Audio, Effect Audio and Labkable)
    I found that Crystal Cable have its own characteristics which would bring out the background instruments and wider the soundstage.

    I think it one of the best cable that suit the t8ie mk2.
  6. Trebor1966
    Thank You for your impression - it is very expensive, but maybe the investment is a great value
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
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  7. Peter Hyatt
    Where’s best price for T8ii or Xelento ?
  8. Peerayu
    I saw some in the head-fi forum, offered a very good price.
  9. sanakimpro
    I let my friend try my T8 a few days back.. all he said was all I needed to hear.. "It sounds exactly like the T1" :p I was so proud. More expensive, but in a tiny mobile package.
    FYI, I stuck with a cheap $20 "gold plated OCC copper" cable but it gives me the clarity I want and the warm bass I need. Holding off a $200 cable till I get a better job :)
  10. Trebor1966
    Can you show me or link me your cable :wink:
  11. dannyvstheworld
    Oh really? Never had T1 but I have DT 1990 and I feel it a bit sibilant but I never felt it for T8; it’s such non fatiguing sound that I always turn the volume up for T8, while with DT 1990 I keep turning it down because it could be intense sometimes.
  12. Van Dam
    Does anybody know where to buy the original balanced cable for either the MKI or MKII, and if possible the original carry case from? I am from London, England.
  13. euphyse
    Has there been any news in other markets about the T9iE?
  14. Stevemitchell
  15. surfgeorge
    Post deleted and replaced!

    I had experienced a lack of sub-bass, but thorough testing last night showed that there must have been an issue with seal with the Spiral Dot tips I used. Changing to Spinfit and the original silicone tips resolved the issue and I am getting a clean and deep reaching sub bass.

    One issue that remains is driver flex.
    When I am not very careful during inserting the IEMs I get a clicking noise that goes along with the pressure build up. I assume that this is driver flex.
    Is this normal? I didn't find any post mentioning flex.

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
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