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Astell & Kern ACRO L1000

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by alphanumerix1, Oct 11, 2017.
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  1. alphanumerix1
    New headphone Amp/Dac combo by Astell & Kern

    No official realease date or specs yet but looks quite interesting.

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  2. Wyd4
    Would look great on my desk at work.
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  3. alphanumerix1
    22528138_1575955485776248_3434312870853772972_n.jpg 22550334_1575991269106003_3685652409207057318_o.jpg

    Closer look, With a 2.5,3.5,6.5,xlr and speaker outs this is shaping up to be a very interesting dac/amp combo.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
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  4. Giraku
    I found this info on several website reporting the Canjam (kind of) in Japan happening right now.

    It is designed to be placed on the left side so that users can use mouse on the right side. Headphone jacks are on the left side of the unit.

    Here is the announced specs:
    Design: Dual AK4490
    Output level: Unbalanced 5Vrms, Balanced 10 Vrms
    Amplifier output: 20W (4 ohm)
    Supporting native DSD up to DSD256
    PCM: Up to 32/384


    Some more photos from av.watch.impress.co.jp

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  5. alphanumerix1
    Thoughts and impression on how the unit felt to use and sound quality?
  6. Giraku
    I wish I could answer the questions. I found these images on the web as I described.

    If there is anyone who experienced ACRO L1000, please chime in!!
  7. Giraku
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  8. haiku
    Interesting, that they´re using the "old" AKM4490 Dacs for the amp. Imo understandable, as I like my AK380 with dual AKM4490 Dacs also more (at the moment) than my SP1000Cu with its dual AKM4497EQ.
  9. alphanumerix1
  10. Giraku
    That would be great. But I heard different opinions as well, which suggest a bit more.
  11. haiku
    Price is 899,- USD.
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  12. Giraku
    Thank you for the info, @haiku.
    I also got the same number from one of the retailer.
    Now, it's a good price, but I worry about overall quality of the amplifier section.
    DAC chips are the same configuration as AK380, which can be relatively inexpensive. But still the price is kind of low to have good amplifier section because it covers not only HPs but also speakers.
    We will see...
  13. haiku
    The ACRO will have enhanced versions of the AK4490 Dacs.
  14. Giraku
    Interesting. Do you have any further details about how they are enhanced?
  15. Iron-Buddha
    Just saw the spec sheet. So 15W out for the speakers? Does anyone have a recommendation for a small desktop speaker that would complement these?
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