Asking for High-Performance Headphones and Specs
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Mar 30, 2013
Dear ALL
Hope you have the time to look through my post.
If you notice, I have enquiries on getting a suitable pair of headphones with High OHM preferably over 100 if possible.
Tried Seinnheiser PX100 & PX200 2nd generation.
Sorry but it sounds a little crappy to me.X___X
So I am thinking should I go back to Seinnheiser?
What I am looking for is studio-like headphones for just listening purpose plugged to mp3 player or CDwalkman.
And I was introduced to AKG HD272 &HD 242 by a salesman.
Sounds all right but not enough vocal loudness so I am wondering if there's any better?
I just want to capture the recording with Original Bass and effects.
So any recommendations?
I have looked through quite a few....even Seinnheiser Momentum but afraid I will regret after I buy.
 I am looking for a good pair of high-impedance I figured out high impedance = full size headphones. Current pair is only 32 ohm seinnheiser PX200. Yes low impedance but really pretty clear & good for the price & durability. It wont break! Any headphones with over 100 ohm and wide frequency like at least 10-30000 or above? Must it have large output power too like 500 to 1000? How about db...what is that?
I went to headphone store and was recommend AKG HD 272 or 242.
With cheap fiio  amp quality is sooooo different an crystal clear....just a bit lack of bass,punch and clarity loudness like sein 200 PX but good!
What do you guys think? Or should I hit on other brands' studio headphones?
Salesman told me not to get headphones for mixing and Dj-ing type as the range is pretty flat.
Located in Singapore.
Budget is USD 200 to 250 hopefully.
Usage is only for appreciating original recording's music with a loud clear vocals,music effects & original soundstage.
For travelling purpose too but not when walking under the sun.
Also, for high impedance headphones, what kind of amp should I be getting? I hope not to get bulky amp due to frequent usage and moving around. Any thread can recommend me?
AKG, seinheiser, Sony, Bose which is good? 
Used to owe Sony MDZX100 and it was pretty crap. Not as durable as seinnheiser meaning I cant sleep with it.
So I am afraid it will break!
I was very tempted to get ultrasone but I think the frequency & impedance rate is pretty much like my current can.
Help please ^____^ Appreciated Thanks!
Any help on the technical specs I should be looking into and that will fit a pair of headphones ranging 200-300 USD?
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Mar 30, 2013
I looked through the introductions.
Asked the salesman about AT M50 but he said that's for mixing...not very good.O.O
Im quite puzzled though.
Seinnheiser amperior,momentum or HD650 are they better than the AKGs?
How about Sony? 
First of all, I am not sure if I need amp in order for the headphones to perform?
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Mar 30, 2013
I am looking at:
Sony MDR-1
AKG HD 242 or 272
AKG 550
AKG 702
Seinnheiser HD600 & 650.
Anybody owe these pairs and can give some advice?
I use Seinn PX200 but its only running on 32 ohms which is pretty clear & loud but not as clear on the highs.
AKG seems to lack the punch in bass but pretty stable and clear?
AKG 272 lacks a bit of vocal clarity & loudness I sense.
Advice please??? I think I will take hours to try listening to the different headphones.
And yes I like soundstage...but it doesnt necessarily have to be surround.
Just loud & exact recording & high impedance with max power output will be good!
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Jul 21, 2012
Johor, Malaysia
I can only share with you my experience about AKG K550, Momentum and Sony MDR-1R. Personally, I prefer AKG K550 over both of them. That's because I'm a midrange head but you might like bass better. If you do, the Sennheiser Momentum is a great pair of headphone with more bass than MDR-1R. Out of all, K550 output the least bass but have the best quality of all. From sub bass to upper bass/lower mids. MDR-1R have rolled of sub-bass while Momentum bass is at the losing side. 
and now the MIDs. K550 have a rather neutral, clean, detailed and smooth sound. It's on the cold side but you can pair it with a warmer sound. As for MDR-1R, it is smooth, pretty detailed and warm. Momentum's mids are quite warm like most Sennheiser headphones and clean. 
Now the highs and sibilants. I experience very minor sibilants on MDR-1R, none with Momentum and K550. K550 and 1R did a fairly good job on handling highs. Momentum have this rolled off highs to me. 
Soundstage and details. Overall, K550 are quite analytical and comparable soundstage to HD598 but that's not the strong point of HD598. MDR-1R's is a slow sounding headphones and does not play quite well with aggressive music and the soundstage are considered wide for a closed headphone. Momentum's soundstage sound so tightly packed and details are on the average side in comparison to the AKG K550. 
As for amp, the AKG K550 sound great with any warm amp as mentioned before and other two does not need an amp that much. If you wanted to put ATH-M50, any of the headphone you mentioned, sound better. If you are interested on my take for some mid-fi and high, check out my comparison here: [Sorry but, I am somehow lazy to type now XD ] 


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