Ask help for amp replacement.
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May 30, 2017
Hi all, May I ask your suggestion Amp to replace my BRYSTON BHA-1. Actually I like sound characteristic so much. But right now I have series of abnormal behavior below:
1. While listening the volume is inconsistence (it change by itself, become louder or quieter)
2. The volume of Left and right channel are not consistence
3.While increase the volume, the volume is not smoothly increase from silence to louder
4.Static noise appear while turning the volume up or down
I know this amp come with 30 year warrantys. But I don't have any amp during claim process.

Please help me suggestion new amp with same (or close) sound characteristic with BHA-1.
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Hey nikblitz,

I know this isn't what you asked, but what you describe as your problem sounds very similar to the problems I had with my amplifier. What may be happening is that your potentiometers need cleaning, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to happen to potentiometers. One of the well regarded options for cleaning the pots is to use DetoxIT, like this one:

You spray the cleaning agent on the volume pot, then spin the pot to spread it through, just takes a few minutes and a can of DetoxIT is pretty cheap (at least here in the US), so maybe worth a shot if you're otherwise happy with your amp?

Hope this helps!
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You have many headphone shops in BKK. Why not take your amp to one and see if they can clean the pots for you. It does sound like your amp needs cleaning as the person above suggested.
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Audio GD Master 9 great amp with loads of power And also sounds great with HD-800’s and the Abyss but it is huge though and weighs a ton but built like a tank.

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