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[ASK] Best Dap / mp3 player for Shure Se215 T___T

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by psycomagic, Jul 18, 2012.
  1. psycomagic
    Excusme, im new in here, and sry if this like a stupid question [​IMG]

    i just wanna know what the best dap for shure se215, i like all kinds of music, but maybe except metal [​IMG]

    now im using se215 + Rocoo P, but for me it is too bright [​IMG]

    there may be other suggestion from here..?? [​IMG]

    Thanks Before~
    Hopefully not misplaced to ask again [​IMG]

  2. graphidz
    Do you mean an amp or a DAC?
    IMO, you actually need an amp because for me, DAC doesn't change the sound sig as much as an amp do
    Oh and do tell your preferred sound sig so that people can recommend. I'm no pro even though I use the same IEMs but others can tell you
    Whoops. Sorry about that. Didn't read properly
    I had used sansa clip+ for it and IMO, it's good. Sounds natural for a player of that size and price. Though that was a long time ago so I can't comment on the sound sig. My only dap was my clip+(RIP) and now my Atrix+Neutron player. Using the Neuton player, the sound was better than the clip+ even though at flat EQ. But that was due to Neutron player modifies the sound sig and not from the internal sound chip (that's my theory) so the sound is not as natural as it should be
    Do leave your preferred sound sig
  3. psycomagic
    Ahhh sorry, i just needed dap for my iem, because I want to find a dap that fit with my music.
    and maybe no amp & no dac just direct [​IMG]
    whether it's been fitted with rocoo p...??
    or is there more?

  4. proton007
    Usually you choose the DAP first, and then earphones/headphones. 
    Anyways, you can try a Sansa Clip+ or Clip Zip. Won't cost a lot, the sound is not bad either.
  5. Berkovajazz
    Try new Walkmans S760, A860, Z1000. Very good synergy.
  6. psycomagic
    Previously I've had a Zune 30 and sana clip +, but seemed to want more or level up :p
  7. Berkovajazz
    Hisound Rocoo sounds super with SE215.
    I was trying it today with Rocoo BA. Super:)
  8. proton007
    If you want more, try changing (upgrading) your IEMs, or try headphones.
    PMPs will not give you that much of an improvement.
  9. Emospence
    Just get Clip+ or Clip Zip and be done with it!
  10. psycomagic
    How your impression ..?
  11. psycomagic
    actually I've was pleased with this se215~
    Therefore, I would like to try another dap

    and suppose the upgrade iem, what your recommended iem for my rocoo p...??
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Have a look at the Cowon players. Something like Cowon C2 or J3 would be a nice match for SE215.
  13. phoenix147
    nobody mention the hm 601 ? you can read a review here
  14. Berkovajazz
    Powerful, very good bass, full and spacious. Very good mids, lot of details, good treble but in all Shure style (they are not improved, they are on some distance from listener). Lot of air, very comfortable soundstage, great vocals. Sound is big, not thin. Beautiful and melodical sound.

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