Asian music (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
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Mar 8, 2016
Nice BTS track, Lunatique.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about re loudness compression, this Wikipedia article gives a pretty good explanation...

The problems with dynamic range compression are worse than normal with Asian pop tracks though, because they already contain alot of high frequency sound in them due to the higher pitched voices of the singers and arrangements. And boosting loudness via DRC makes all that HF info even louder, brighter and shriller, and often more distorted as well.

One possible solution might be to use a compressor or filter to re-expand the dynamic range on the user's end. That might add even more distortion to the sound though. And would probably require some fairly sophisticated signal evaluation and processing techniques, or at the very least, a good understanding of sound authoring to work reliably. This is not a subject I've delved into too deeply though, so it is possible there are already solutions like this built into some media devices.

The best solution though is for music producers to simply stop doing it!
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