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  1. Lunatique
    O.O.O' s Blue Moon is a really nice funky/rock song:

    BTS's Not Today is one of the best anthems this year:

    Yezi's Anck Su Namum has a really nice mysterious intensity to it:

    Pristin's one of my favorite new gen K-Pop girl groups. Very catchy songs, lots of songwriting participation from the members. Black Widow is one of the best K-Pop songs this year:

    Their live performance of it is really good too:

    Their main single is really catchy:

    Aloha is really cute. So glad they performed it live on music shows:

    Loona is another current gen girl group I've been following. It's a very unique concept, where BlockBerry Creative (their company) reveals a new member every month, releasing a solo single and music video for that member, and then also collaborations between different already revealed members (more singles and MVs) as well as sub-units, and it's been going on since October last year. They just revealed the 9th girl a couple of days ago. There's a lot of lore/world-building within the Loona concept, involving dimension-travel, time-travel, lots of symbolism, and the fans (we call ourselves Loonatics) are having a lot of fun deciphering all the clues BBC puts in the releases (in the lyrics, in the music video, in the promo photos). Here are some of my favorite Loona's songs (including sub-units Loona 1/3, ODD EYE CIRCLE):

    Kim Lip's Eclipse:

    Heejin's Vivid:

    JinSoul's Singing in the Rain:

    ODD EYE CIRCLE's Loonatic (English version), Girl Front, and Sweet Crazy Love

    Loona 1/3's Sonatine:

    Heejin and Hyunjin's I'll Be There:

    Choerry's Love Cherry Motion:

    HeeJin, HyunJin, and HaSeul's The Carol:

    For a group that hasn't even debuted yet, Loona's already released so many great songs.

    Lee Hae Ri's Pattern was a total surprise this year, because everyone expected a ballad, and what she gave us was far more interesting:

    Apink's Kok Kok is one of their best songs yet, and I think it should have been their main single instead of Five:

    IU's Jam Jam is the best song on her Palette EP:

    Playback's Untold Story is actually a much better song than their chosen main single, Want You to Say:

    Elris's Pow Pow is a really cute song:

    Lee Jin Ah's Random is a great example of jazz-infused pop:
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  5. Trihexagonal
    I won a contest held by the shortwave radio station in Taipei, Taiwan from my home in the midwest US and the prize was this CD, Gongs and Drums to Welcome New Year by the Taipei Municipal Chinese Classical Orchesta.

    You had to write an essay in 50 words or less how you would like to win this CD and my submission and name were read over the airwaves. (The announcers commented "Very nice. Yes, very nice.") The CD arrived wrapped in a local newspaper made out of rice paper and I sill have both the CD and newspaper, though I will admit it's not something I listen to often.
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  6. ADUHF
    Couldn't agree more, with all the above.

    I particularly lament the break-ups of 2NE1 and 4Minute, as they were two my early favorites when I began listening to Kpop on a more regular basis a few years ago. I hope some of the others you mentioned (esp. Stellar, 9Muses and Exid) stick around for a little while, because there aren't really that many groups geared towards older listeners like me. I enjoy a lot of the solo work being done by both the former and current members of some of these groups though, including SNSD, miss A and Secret. I love both of Moon Hyuna's (formerly of 9Muses) recent singles for example.

    This is the first I'd heard of the Hani fancam btw. I've been an Exid fan though since this video was released...

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    Former 9Muses member Moon Hyuna...

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    Moon Hyuna + former 9Muses rapper EU Erine (aka Erin)...

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    New Exid (Kpop)...

  10. ADUHF
    New KARD (Kpop)...

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  11. Lunatique
    I'm not really a fan of 2NE1 or 4Minute. Most of their songs are a bit too abrasive for my taste (visually, aurally). I like some of Hyuna's solo stuff though, and CL's "Hello Bitches" was awesome.

    Hyosung of Secret is very strong as a solo artist, and I've loved every release from her so far.

    Miss A I never really cared much for, except for a couple of songs. Fei's solo was pretty good, but I'm not onboard the Suzy hype train. She's attractive but not much of a singer (limited range and power, which is why she only sings songs that aren't very demanding). Jia's solo was pretty good too, but not really my style (not usually into the bad girl concepts).

    SNSD was at one time my favorite, but after Jessica left things just went downhill. The Lion Heart album was a disappointment (I liked "Party" though), and from there the group basically was doomed. Holiday Night was also a disappointment. I'm kind of indifferent about all of their solo stuff, since none of the songs really grabbed me, with the only exception being Seohyun and Yuri's "Secret," which came out of nowhere and surprised the hell out of everyone. They should've released more stuff as an official sub-unit. TTS's releases have all been strong, and it's actually surprising that's the only sub-unit SNSD ever had.

    I like Moon Hyuna's solo stuff too--it's more mature/relaxed, but not boring like what Ryu Sera's been doing since she left 9Muses.

    BTW, here's that Hani fancam, if you haven't seen it yet:
  12. SilverEars
    I think seolhyun from AOA has very good dance presence.

    Also, Seulgi from Red Velvet

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  15. ADUHF
    Somethin a little different...

    Ani Hoang is a Bulgarian pop/hip-hop/chalga singer of Vietnamese descent. Some explicit lyrics in this.
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