Asgard 3 v xduoo xd5
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Dec 27, 2009
I've been looking to upgrade my Ad-18 and decided to focus on the headphone rig. Space is at a premium. This will all go on my small desk. I need small footprints and a minimum of boxes and power sources.

For more or less the same amount of money I can get an Asgard 3 w/ dac or an xduoo xd-5 plus. I'd be running both off of USB. The xduoo's advantage is size. The Asgard's, I believe, is power, though the Xduoo is no slouch. I have no idea which has a better Dac. Can you all make an argument for why I should get the Asgard despite the size?

Ps I'll be using it to drive HD650. Though one reason I want to upgrade from my AD-18 is that this year I intend to invest in maybe a pair of LCD-2 or Focal Elex.
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