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"As New" Corda Headsix - SOLD

  1. Miklos
    Hello all,

    I have an "as new" black Corda head six for sale. I got it as a gift (since I had one before and I regretted to sell that one) - but I actually never used it.

    So this is your chance to get it. Price: usd 120.- or best offer. Shipping to anywhere in North America included. Payment via Paypal (or cash for pickup in the Toronto area)

    I am in Canada - so for Canadians no duties would apply.For the US I can declare a low price.

    Please contact me if interested!
  2. Miklos
    lowered price: $100, shipped to anywhere in the world!!!
    This is an amazing deal for a superb little amp!!!
  3. Miklos
    Thank you for the PM's related to this. Please note, that while I am considering reasonable offers, an  offer for USD 50 or USD 60,- for and item that is new (never used) and which was over $150 just 2 months ago - well that is not really reasonable....
    So please just reasonable offers! I am in no rush to sell, and I know the value of this nice little amp... The value is well above $50!
  4. neddamttocs
    NVM, need a desktop amp not a portable
  5. Miklos


    Well: the headsix works beautifully on a desk as well [​IMG] And it probably costs less too than a full sized desktop amp [​IMG]
  6. Miklos
    Close to selling - but not closed yet: whoever makes the first firm offer - and then pays gets it!
  7. Miklos

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