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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by raffy, Aug 17, 2008.
  1. shaizada
    Bought some tubes. Excellent transaction all the way through. Would love to deal with him again.
  2. digger945
    Got a pair of tubes from Arteom. Very cool HF'er to trade with. Would not hesitate to deal with again.
    Thanks Arteom[​IMG]
  3. wavoman Contributor
    12AU7s ... bought from arteom. Perfect transaction. Great communication. On eBay I would say "A" and add a lot of + signs to fill the box.
  4. EMichels
    I purchased a set of Straightwire interconnects from Arteom. They arrived very quickly in great condition with original documentation. Highly recommended!

  5. gooky
    Sold Arteom a Grado mini adapter. Prompt payment, and he even left feedback before I did. A good Head-Fier.
  6. xenithon
    Arteom purchased a pair of tubes from me. It was the perfect transaction - very friendly and quick communications, prompt payment, could not ask for more. Enjoy the tubes!
  7. zzffnn
    I highly recommend Arteom as buyer! He kindly provided me great communication and fast payment. Enjoy the headphone! Thank you.
  8. Sophonax
    I bought Arteom's MS-Pros, and couldn't have asked for a better transaction!  We came to an agreement, I sent the payment, he shipped the headphones, and a few days later they were on my head.  Very straightforward -- exactly how a sale should be.
    As others have mentioned, Arteom is also very quick at responding to PMs, and at just about all hours of the day.  I'd gladly buy from him again, he's a great seller!

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