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Aroma audio: Witch Girl S, Pro and W12 (With Nebula N10 unboxing)

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  1. unknownguardian
  2. audio123
  3. Vincent_Song
    Hi,all the Singapore head-fier, we arrive at Singapore right now, we will participate the CanJam, although we are not exhibitor this time, but you guys can meet us at there, AV One booth, we will bring our product, anyone who interested can come and try.

  4. haiku
    Hi Vincent! Big Fan here!!! :kissing_heart:
  5. Quasimodosbelfry
    Been meaning to ask... Why are the Witch Girl series of IEMs called "Witch Girl"?

    Is there a good story behind this name?
  6. darveniza
    Can these be auditioned in Singapore? Will be traveling into Singapo6and would be interested in trying these
  7. Vincent_Song
    No story, just for fun:relaxed:
    Quasimodosbelfry likes this.
  8. Vincent_Song
    Yes, AV one is now our authorized distributor in Singapore and Malaysia
  9. darveniza
    Thanks for the response, will try them out.
  10. Quasimodosbelfry
    Haha, ok.

    Loving my pair of Witch Girl Pro for a while now. But the stock cable has turned a shade of gross green. I think it's from the copper oxidizing under the silver plating.
  11. Jazza517
    Just had my witch girl S picked up for reshell, had a lengthy but interesting chat with Anthony and shared a lot of thoughts on the brand and products, really looking forward to try out the newbies especially the new BA and A100 soon *lucky am in HK*.

    Keep it up Aroma.
  12. audio123
    The Witch Girl S has a nice smooth sound. How do you like the new BA and A100? I personally enjoyed them a lot.
  13. Jazza517
    The new BA in my opinion is really up there against all ToTL, with the switches, basically all range are covered. They are something in between their witch girl and music box line, sounds are more refine with bigger soundstage, though it is not a reference pair.

    As for the A100, definitely one of the most complete amp in the market, basically it can drive most iem or even cans very well, like putting regular Dac on steroids even at low gain. It widen the soundstage quite a bit, the background is pretty dark too. Only drawback is it doesn’t have digital in.
  14. audio123
    Yea the soundstage on both is immense and helps to give a spacious feeling.
  15. MXRaia
    I had the chance to demo the Witch Girl Pro today. It's just an incredibly coherent IEM with an especially lovely midrange.

    Definitely gonna try to pick one up in the near future.
    Quasimodosbelfry likes this.
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