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Aroma audio: Witch Girl S, Pro and W12 (With Nebula N10 unboxing)

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  1. ranfan
    I think I've found my next IEM :D Glad to see the screws now, last time I had the W12 the faceplate came off because the glue was not strong enough. Hope to listen someday :) Will you be exhibiting in CanJam Singapore next year?

    Great to see, wish you success @Vincent_Song!
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  2. audionewbi
    Review for N10 should finish in two weeks.
    KhunChang likes this.
  3. Vincent_Song
    Thank you, maybe our new distributor will exhibit Canjam Singapore.
    ranfan likes this.
  4. Vincent_Song
    Good to hear that.
  5. Vincent_Song
  6. ranfan
    Superb display! They all look nice :) Good luck at the show.
  7. coolcat
    @Vincent_Song I wanna upgrade my WG12 to the new shell, if possible.
    I bought the WG12 from Hongkong, but I live in Thailand , could you please give me some advise how to do that, or the best thing maybe you let me pay for the upgrade and I sent my WG12 to you and you send the new one back :p
  8. coolcat
    [​IMG][/url][/IMG] 20134554_10155524700256972_2104453241_n.jpg
  9. coolcat
    I heard there is a new version of the WG12 (I think I am not misunderstood) Vincent , but if there is nothing like that then maybe I've got wrong information
  10. Drdai
    What is the different between Witch Girl 12 (BA 12 drivers) and Yao (BA 12 drivers). Improved sound or different style?
    I can't wait to try Yao :ksc75smile:
  11. Vincent_Song
    Different style
  12. Vincent_Song
    2017 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

    AROMA is waiting for you in Hall 3 Booth C05

    If you are around, please feel free to stop by and try our product.

    Time: 11th~13th August 2017 ( Fri - Sun )

    Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

    AROMA Booth: Hall 3 Booth C05

    aa.jpg 海报副本-2_副本.jpg 未标题-3.jpg
    ranfan likes this.
  13. ranfan
    Will you come to CanJam SG next year too? Great new lineup Vincent. Wish you success at the show.
  14. Vincent_Song
    We will try our best, hope will see you in Singapore.
  15. Malevolent
    @Vincent_Song Hi Vincent, will the Yao be made available for auditioning at E-Earphone? If so, I'll be eager to give them a try when I return to Tokyo in November. :)
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