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Aroma audio: Witch Girl S, Pro and W12 (With Nebula N10 unboxing)

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  1. Raketen
    Appreciate the review. Just curious what is your current setup?
  2. audionewbi
    That would be shure KSE1500 for IEM and for my portable a combination for three sources (Valoq, calyx  and LPG). However that isn't what I always listen to, but it would be the setup I happily retire with. 
  3. unknownguardian
    great review. but the driver configuration in post 2 is copied wrongly.

    and they do have a W12 (12 drivers) offering. wonder how will it compare with the other totl iems
  4. audionewbi
    The W12 is work in progress, from what I am told construction is not easy so they are still figuring it out. 
  5. a10101100
    I've a thing for hybrids so naturally keen on this.

    Aroma Audio is very good to work with. And I took the plunge with no demos around.

    I was rewarded for the risk I took.. I paid a pretty penny but this iem is what I'm looking for in iems. Natural awesome quality natural bass, transparent yet musical.. Good clarity and resolution, engaging mids and "sparkling" trembles. What's there bit to like?


    Short but more on impressions on my blog

    Haven't done comparisons with my other hybrids yet but will do if I have time.


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  6. Overkill Red
    Is the a shop in HK with physical demo units?
  7. unknownguardian
    dma audio in mong kok
  8. Overkill Red

    Cheers! Sadly I wont be heading to Mong Kok this trip, but I hope the DMA café has them!
  9. ayanamireiiz
    I just purchased Witch Girl Pro yesterday and I love the sound. The sound is very sweet and bass is still very strong with high impact (some one might not like it)
    Actually I tried many IEM before deciding to this one.
    My first plan is to get Campfire andromeda, but the high sound is too sharp for me then. Dita Answer as well.
    Then I decided to go with this one.

    I think the bass would be better stabilized after burn for 100 hours.

    By the way this is just me thought feel free to share yours, this cute Witch Girl still have very few feed back from Internet. I love to hear others :)
  10. ranfan
    wish to buy the witch girl 12 someday.. anyone listened to them before?
  11. coolcat
    Really sad that there is quite no one interest in the Aroma product.
    The Witch girl 12 drivers are the best iems,I've heard so far. I prefer them to U12,Vega,Andro,Layla by quite a margins. Why this company hasnt tried to send these iems to the reviewers.
    I live in Thailand and the Witch girl 12 are the most anticipated iems right now, because the most famous shop in Bangkok has the Demo and a lot of headfiers in Bangkok can have a chance to try them.
    A lot of people want them so much, but because of the steep price (around 2500$), there are some WTB threads in the Local forum. Hope the company does something to promote its product.
    I've never experienced such a attack from iems like this before, I think I could describe the sound characters of these iems as the Stax with attacking bass. The sound flows like the sound from those Stax electrostat, but the bass attack fast hard with bass note and bass weight. The soundstage, the mid , everything is amazing . I've never heard such an iems ,which have such a transient response like the Witch girl 12 (I will try the Shure KSE1500 for the comparison). 
    So here is the Website , if someone interests 
    and if someone wanna purchased the cables for the Witch girl iems
     Witch girl Pro (Flaming Wand "Karine")
    Witch Girl S (Icicle Wand "Sera")
    Witch Girl 12 (Thunderer Wand "Shanti")
    Here is the website 
  12. audionewbi
    I might be getting the Nebula N10. Sadly W12 is out of my price range. Aroma is one of those brands that has a brilliant and eager engineering team running it.
    If all well I will soon have more to say about this brand.
  13. Mimouille
  14. audionewbi
    I haven't demoed neither. N10 is within my budget and area of interest and if I can negotiate a discount I will buy it. W12 isn't my area of interest and due to high demand they can't offer any discount so it isn't on top of my to try list.
    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  15. Vincent_Song
    Hi, folks, this is our new headfi account, if anything about the product, feel free to find me.
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