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Aroma audio: Witch Girl S, Pro and W12 (With Nebula N10 unboxing)

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  1. audio123
    Congratulations! It boasts top notch resolution with a fatigue-free sound. I personally enjoy the Ace and Queen modes the most. :beyersmile:
    Misson07 likes this.
  2. Misson07
    On closer inspection the bass switch kinda remind of how my Witch Girl Pro sounds which is nice because I like them (the Pro) even more than the Witch Girl 12 :smile_phones:
    audio123 likes this.
  3. audio123
    Yea man. All the modes offer something different. :p
    The Ace is truly one of the best flagship IEMs in the market. :o2smile:
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  4. audio123
    Fantastic pairing with Aroma Ace & Han Sound Zentoo :o2smile:

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