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Arizona Meet, Sept. 25,2010 Scottsdale, AZ

  1. funch
    Some pix. There are two pages:
    Balderon did a great job of organizing the meet, and a great time was had by all.
    We're already talking about our next one.
    A special thanks goes out to Craig Uthus of Eddie Current for bringing his
    fabulous wares. If you ever get a chance to hear his stuff, don't pass it up.
    It's built like a tank, and sounds amazing.
  2. krmathis Contributor
    Looking good!
    Hope you all had a really nice time.
  3. Turko
    I m very disappointed that nobody share any impression .....
  4. kool bubba ice
    Eyedrop.. Judging the pics, you were the only one wearing the DT48..
  5. kool bubba ice
    Thread was just started yesterday.

  6. M3NTAL
    eyedrop's DT48 E was 25ohm and offered the most isolation I have ever experienced in a a headphone. They are completely neutral as have been stated many times before. To me personally they were musically un-inviting where as his Grado SR125 was a rock and roll machine. I liked the 125 more than the 60 and 325 I have heard due to their all around nature. The 325 being a little too hot in the top end for me and the same with the original 60.
    One of the big surprised for me at the meet was the Audeze LCD-1 on the Eddie Current ZDT amplifier. I can't remember the album name playing, but it was a female lead bluesy album that sounded very neutral and natural on the LCD-1 with plenty of texture throughout the whole range. The ZDT had tons of dynamic ability to push the snot out of anything that was at the meet.
    Two Bijou's showed up and it was cool to see how much difference can be had from one builder to another with these open DIY projects.
    Audiofiler was able to bring out universal JH13 and JH16 samples to listen to. (Thanks Jerry and Nicholas)  I'm very glad I got to hear the two and make my own decision on them. Reading the forum comparisons really show how much everyone's preferences and hearing differ from one another.  Personally the 16 had too much lower-mid bass for me. It made the already synthesizer punchy music I listen to overly punchy. No, it doesn't veil the rest of the spectrum, it just makes for a fatiguing situation for me... "thump thump thump thump thump"   The 13 is more towards neutral, but still just a tad bassy for me personally. I do love the quality of the bass. Amazing texture, separation, control, on and on, but just a touch too much for me. Audiofiler assured me that this was slightly due in part to the foam universal ear tips.
    The DNA Sonnet was also on show. It was quite pleasing and sounded effortless with the HD800's that were hooked up to them. I think that was an all around very good sounding and well thought out system that could be someones final destination rig.
    I'll have to come back to this thread when I have a little more time to thank everyone involved and come up with more impressions. Just wanted to get some random thoughts out since people are complaining that nothing is posted.
    Also - did anyone wind up with an extra Black USB cable that is normal size to mini? Probably when I let my gamma2 wander [​IMG]
  7. budx3385
    funch, nice photos,good job!
    I was impressed by the JH16s.  I always feel like my JH13s have little gaps between drivers, like they have different tonalities, or some such.  Quite different were the JH16s - coherent all across the spectrum.  Thanks audiofiler!  Now I need to call Jerry Harvey and see about getting mine upgraded.
    I was also impressed by the DT48s that EYEdROP had.  Amazing midrange liquidity - made me want to get a pair.  I see they come in two flavors of impedance and I wonder what's up with that.  I also saw on B+H's website a lot more Beyer "studio" cans that I've never heard of.  I wonder if someone could add comments about the other models.
    All in all, it was a very positive experience and I am certainly looking forward to the next one !!!!!
    PS - !@#$%^&*  I do wish I could remember everybody's name  @!#@$!@
  8. Sid-Fi
    We found an extra Belkin usb cable at the end of the night and I guessed, correctly it seems, that it was yours or Audiofiler's. I had Mr. Sneis take it since I figured he would be more likely to see you next.

  9. Sid-Fi
    I just had a mid-term to cram for and take tonight so I haven't had a chance yet to put down some impressions, but will later in the week. For now, I'll just list a few "wow moments" without any commentary and will expound later. It's late and I have to get up EARLY :O.
    - JH13 and Balderon's maxxed WA6 playing Pink Floyd's comfortably numb guitar solo - just wow.
    - Funch's SACD player and Bijou with his Jena Labs cabled HD 650
    - Audeze LCD-1 on Craig's ZDT - very impressive and has me really wanting to hear LCD2 (LCD1 seemed to be an overall favorite)
    - A|B comparing my HD650 with stock cable, Cardas cable, and Jena Labs DIY Ultrawire cable - very surprised at the level of improvement from the Jena in particular (obvious)
    More to come.
  10. kool bubba ice

    I never considered the new model DT48e to have liquid mids.. They sound a tad thick compared to the vintage models, is what I would recommend, even though the new model DT48e sound a bit more convetional compared to the vintage models. In short. The new models are not the best represenatives of the DT48 sound. They just sound like very good headphones IMO. I read the 25ohm models are a bit faster & more detailed then the 200ohm models which are more upfront. Both are the newer models.. I'll stop now. I don't want to turn this into a DT48 thread. This thread it about meet impressions.You can PM me with any questions regarding the DT48.


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