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Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon the Third: March 23rd, 2019

  1. Coolzo
    Behold our next Head-Fi meet in the Valley of the Sun! Date confirmed and locked-in.
    We're currently locked in for March 23rd* (to be confirmed with sponsors) at our previous meeting space. Post your thoughts, and what gear you'd be bringing! Same stuff applies regarding used gear sales/trades, etc; please read the slightly-modified copy pasta below.

    List of contributing insiders:
    Schiit Audio: Sponsorship, SchiitKit
    Audeze: You want Audeze? We got all-deze!
    Meze Headphones: Raffle item, !!!Empyrean headphones!!!

    Date & Time:
    Saturday March 23rd, 2019*

    Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix/Avondale
    11460 W Hilton Way
    Avondale, AZ 85323

    *Wifi Password is HGI123*

    **Please note the starting and ending times. For whom it may concern, setup start time will be the same as the previous meets**

    Vendors, industry insiders, and all sorts of gear welcome of course! Our friends at Schiit will be sponsoring the event once again :) We will be meeting in the same space as last time. Finally- BYOPS: Bring Your Own Power Strip!!!

    Other stuff:
    At lunch time during the meet, attendees should note that there is a Culver's and a Ruby Tuesday's in the same parking lot, as well as a plethora of places near the i10/101 intersection. We are also working on catering- stay tuned for further updates!

    Please let us know what gear you'll be bringing, and it'll be placed below. Also, make note of any audio items you might like to sell at the meet. Member attendees, also feel free to list any used gear you might have for sale at the time of the meet (listed at the bottom of this post). Attendee inquiries only, please.

    List of present gears (continually updated, italics might be present):
    -Schiit Kit:

    Member gear (does not include sponsor/insider/loaner gear):
    Audeze LCD-2C
    Denon AH-D2000 (modded)
    Focal Clear
    Grado/Nhoord Red drivers (rholupat wood cups)
    Klipsch Heritage HP3
    Meze 99 classic (modded)
    ZMF Auteur (Bocote)
    ZMF Ori


    Headphone Amplifiers:
    Ampsandsound Leeloo

    Schiit Yggdrasil (analog gen2, USB gen5)



    DDCs/digital stuff/misc analog:
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019 at 5:38 PM
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  2. cskippy
    I'll do my best to be there. Not sure what gear I'll be bringing or have when the time comes hahahaha
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  3. Toshu
    I plan on coming as well. Hope to bring a friend as well.
    Not sure about equipment yet, but I look forward to seeing everyone.
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  4. DeviousEnigma
    Is it supposed to be March 22nd the Friday or March 23rd the Saturday? If it's the Saturday, I'll be there.
  5. koover
    It’s a misprint. It’s Saturday the 23rd
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  6. Coolzo
    Sorry, my bad on the date. Definitely Saturday, definitely the 23rd. Fixed.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  7. koover
    Just around the corner guys! Gonna be another really good meet. I'll start the 1st post on what will be there.

    *Schiit Mjolnir 2 (lots of tubes)
    *Schiit Gumby gen5
    *Focal Clear
    *ZMF Ori
    *Klipsch Heritage HP3
    *Audeze LCD-2C
    *Denon AH-D2000 (modded)
    *Meze 99 classic (modded)

    I'll only bring the following if someone wants to hear them
    *TH-X00 modded Purpleheart
    *Meze Neo
    *Sony modded MDR-Z7
    *Sennheiser HD650
    *Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee
    *Grado Nhoord Red drivers w/Rholupat wood cups
    *Oppo HE-2 (for sale if interested)
    *Audioquest Dragonfly Red.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019 at 8:45 AM
  8. PrettyChill
    I'm fairly new to Phoenix and missed the last one, but am planning on coming to this one!
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  9. PrettyChill
    If anybody is interested, I can bring the following with me:

    Geshelli Labs Enog DAC
    Geshelli Labs Archel Amplifier
    Graham Slee Voyager Amplifier
    iFi micro iDSD DAC/amplifier
    iFi 12V iPower power supply
    Fiio X5 3rd Gen DAP
    Fiio A5 Amplifier
    Denon AHD2000 (un-modded)
    Massdrop x Fostex TX-0
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019 at 4:55 PM
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  10. koover
    Got some good news guys if anyone is interested.

    Meze will be sending me the Empyrean for our meet along with a very cool raffle prize I won’t spill the beans on quite yet.

    Additionally, it looks like a representative from Audeze will be here again representing their brand.

    As always, we’re still working on other members of the trade to attend and we’ll pass along any any all news once we receive commitments.

    Looks like this is shaping up to be another great event and I’m truly looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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  11. Astral Abyss
    I will definitely be there. I really look forward to these meets.

    I'm bringing some gear, of course. At this particular moment I'm thinking:

    Yggdrasil (A2, Gen5)
    Ampsandsound Leeloo
    ZMF Auteur (Bocote)

    Edit: Could bring Ragnarok or the WA2 instead. Only bringing one though... Anyone interested in hearing any of them?
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019 at 7:54 PM
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  12. funch
    Any chance of getting Mr. Speakers to send an Ether 2?
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  13. koover
    Between Joe, Chris and I, we’ll guve it our best shot.
  14. DeviousEnigma
    Not as important but can we get nuraphone too? I’ve been curious for a while.
  15. Astral Abyss
    @koover Hey Greg, I'd be really interested in hearing those Nhoord driver Grado mods. You know I've got an infatuation with all things Grado.

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