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Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon: February 10th, 2018

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  1. Allanmarcus
    Will Do.
  2. j123ss
    I also have a pair of LCD-4's ill bring
  3. anteroth
    Awesome, I appreciate it also looking forward to trying @j123ss LCD4s. I really thought about them. But I got the LCd3FS instead.
  4. Astral Abyss
    I'm leaning towards bringing:

    Singxer SU-1
    Metrum Amethyst
    Ampsandsound Leeloo
    Spirit Labs Ragnarr

    Ragnarr is a curious beast. Made by a shop in Italy. A Grado-style headphone with 2 Grado drivers per side in a custom enclosure. The way it's wired up in series makes it a 64ohm headphone. It shouldn't sound as good as it does. I'd really like to get some other's opinions on it.

    Only snag I might have is that I have a friend arriving from Texas the day prior to visit for a couple weeks. He's interested in going to the meet as well so it shouldn't be a problem.
    koover likes this.
  5. cskippy
    I don't know how I missed this thread but I'm definitely coming!

    I'll have my measurement rig plus gear below. (Possibly subject to change if stuff sells)

    Eddie Current Aficionado
    Schiit Gumby w Eitr
    Schiit Jotunheim
    ZMF Auteur
    LFF Code Sex (for sale)
    Focal Clear (TBD)
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  6. dontfeedphils
    Nice, excited to hear a Clear. Could run to LMC, too lazy though.
    cskippy likes this.
  7. Coolzo
    Good afternoon! I hope everyone had/is having a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    A bit of news: iFi has generously offered to loan some gear out for the meet! They will be sending a Pro iCan and a Micro iDSD Black Label.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
  8. cskippy
    I'm interested in hearing the Pro iCan. Looks like a versatile piece of gear.
    dontfeedphils and Coolzo like this.
  9. dontfeedphils
    Ditto. Anyone putting this together able to reach out to Questlye? They have some offerings that are interesting.
  10. koover
    I can try to contact them tomorrow and see what they say. Still plenty of time.
  11. Coolzo
    Updated for a little typo correction: iFi will be sending the Micro iDSD BL, NOT the Nano.
  12. Gofspar
    I can offer up a CMA600i to bring, brought it last time.
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  13. dontfeedphils
    Awesome, that's the one I've been looking at (pretty much only because Focal noted that they used Questyle in the development of their cans, wanted to see if there's some magic synergy).
    cskippy likes this.
  14. Coolzo
    A new updateses for the hobbitses:

    Yes, there WILL be another raffle at the meet! This time around, the prize will be a complete stack o' lil Schiitses- a Magni 3 and Modi 2!

    Also, there will be snack trays, for your convenience. Of course, we will endeavour to ensure that there is adequate space between this and any electronics.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
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  15. cskippy
    Have towlettes available. I don't want sticky hands on mai gear.
    koover, Astral Abyss and Coolzo like this.
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