argh - should i get an HD580 to accompany my K501?
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Jun 10, 2005
Hey All,

I've been itching about this for the past two weeks. Seeing as how the HD580 is now only $133 shipped from, I kind of want to jump on it to get the flavor of the senn sound and to accompany my K501.

That being said, I am on a student budget and ultimately will buy a Heed CanAmp early in 2007. And I do love my K501 - I think it does my music preferences really wonderfully (classical, jazz, vocals, etc.) but I do want to try out a different sound, and seeing as how the HD580 does have more bass (even though I don't find the K501 lacking) maybe it'd be good to whip out for movies and games?

That being said, I also own the MDR-7506 which has more bass and extension in the lower regions than the K501 that is a little better for games and movies.


- HD580 is cheap
- better bass
- experience the senn sound
- supposedly another great classical can


- don't really want to spend money (but it's so tempting!!)
- really satisfied with the K501

The thing is I don't know if the HD580 will be what I expect it to be. I definitely do want to pick up a pair, but I've been itching around amazon these past few days. Any advice/comments are appreciated as always!


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The k501s are already out of stock many I would pick up the 580 when you can: it surely will follow soon (in true Head-fi fashion, never mind about saving you money
). Whatsmore, the Heed will synergize quite well with the 580 too.

I don't think it's a bad thing to experiment and try other headphones.....I currently am into the Sennheiser house sound, and am trying to branch out into Grado. The good thing about the 580 is that it's almost identical in sound to the 600.....the 650 is slightly different, but still has the Sennheiser sound.
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since you're in NYC, I'm sure there's a place to audition the hd580 not too far away. might be worth looking into.
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Hey Keith,
I do understand wanting to have a second choice which will allow you to freshen up the same music differently. It's always good to have a back up and at these prices, remember these two were not so long ago, each companys flagship dynamic can. And the Heed will really make them both sound spectacular as I can attest with my 501s ;-}

Worst of it you may choose to sell one or the other off on the F/S forum at very little loss if any at all, in the case of the 501s.

The 580s you will find to be alot different than the open clarity you've come accustom to with the 501s, and that will be an educational experience!

Best regards~
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Originally Posted by kukrisna /img/forum/go_quote.gif
- don't really want to spend money (but it's so tempting!!)
- really satisfied with the K501

I'd like to add three-blobbish headstage which is a turn-off for me coming from K501s. I'd rather have no headstage to speak of (think Grados). Crossfeed helps with that though.

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