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Are you sure about you Shure 440's?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wanderwithbeats, Jun 23, 2011.
  1. wanderwithbeats
    Here's the deal I got a pair of Shure 440's two years ago without knowing anything about headphones. Came from Apples s***** IEM. I've really liked the 440's but theres a few drawbacks I don't like.

    -There heavy
    -The cord is super long
    -They hurt my head after about an hour or so. The band just doesn't work well with my head

    I'm looking to find the same quality headphones with the items below thrown in

    -Comfy where the band doesn't hurt my head
    -Lightweight... I'll be using them while walking around, taking the train, bus, etc
    -NO special plugs from the cord to the headphone. I want to be able to use a third party wire if need be.
    -Noise isolation

    Someone suggested the Grado Prestige series SR80i...Do they fit my description?
    Another mentioned the Phiaton MS 300 as being good...?
    I currently use an iPod for my music setup but would like something better suited to an audiophiles inventory. Someone suggested the Cowon S9. Any thoughts or suggestions of others?

    I'm not entirely sure if an amp is necessarily yet but I'm sure you guy's will let me know.

    Planning on getting the headphones in a few weeks but the amp and the music player might have to wait til later. But I'm open to suggestions anyways.

  2. BotByte
    Get some Grado SR80i, what use as a portable
    Then get a Cowon S9 16gb black, what I use. NO you do not need more space or to get the J3, you won't use the entire features of the Cowon S9
    They don't need an amp. Grado do NOT need an amp. The Cowon S9 pushes any headphone just fine anyways.
    You might find the Grado band to be thin and not supportive enough, but trust me, I don't notice the band when the cups are on my ears.
    You always mod the headband by either replacing it, or what I do, cover it up with some material and a small peice of foam to make it more comfy.
    SR80i would suit you fine, but you might want to look into getting a set of G-cush pads for them. They are the pads they put on the higher ends and work great. Me? I use custom made leather pads I sewed by hand.
  3. jerg Contributor


    M-Audio Q40, and Sennheiser HD25-II, seem to fit what you seek very well, neither are large (Q40 is quite small, HD25-II smaller still); cabling situation is great for either of those (Q40 has the generic detachable cable plug, HD25-II has less standard plugs but the stock cables are industrially strong); both are fully closed so isolation is great (especially HD25-II which is boasted to have some extremely effective isolation); comfort-related issues seem to little to none (maybe a little from owners of HD25-II, but that's earpad-related and easily remediable).
  4. wanderwithbeats
    I am leaning towards the Grado SR80i because of the ratings on multiple sites as well as the recommendations coming from the community. How light are they?
    The Cowon J3 and the s9...What are the differences?

    I looked up both headphones you suggested and neither of them got great reviews from consumers. I'll do a little more researching but so far they look great and light but the reviews are firsthand knowledge of the product and I can't ignore them.
  5. wanderwithbeats
    Mind telling me what your saying "nope" to?

  6. Eric_C


    You can't find good reviews on the HD 25? Really? Where are you searching?
    Be sure to look up the correct model number, as the HD 25 has many variants. You're looking for the HD 25-1 II, where "II" stands for Mark II.
    440 hurt my ears too. Sold them. And yes, they're fairly heavy.
    HD 25-1 isolates very well, but I still find they clamp quite tight if I don't stretch them out over a box first.
  7. Cheeznuklz
    The sr80's are a great headphone and they are very lightweight.  They do not isolate at all.  They are also considered quite uncomfortable by some (they rest on your ear, they do not go around the ear).  They are probably not what you're looking for.
  8. ostewart
    would you be interested in trading your 440's for a cmoy amp? Or a shure SM58 microphone? Thanks
  9. wanderwithbeats
    Ah that would probably be the reason why. How often must you stretch them out? Are we talking every day. before each use? etc

    Oh no they rest on your ears. Not good. Glad I asked the community for feedback. I prefer around the ear.

  10. Eric_C
    Yeah be sure to check whether any HD 25 review/discussion you're reading is about the HD 25 SP--it uses completely different drivers from the 25-1, which means we can rightly assume it sounds different, and many who have heard both feel that the SP is inferior.
    I don't stretch them out because I only use them for 30-60 mins at a time, which is about as long as it takes for them to get uncomfy. That's only for me, though; lots of ppl in the appreciation thread are 100% happy with their comfort.
  11. wanderwithbeats
    Not at this time.
    Yeah I was looking at reviews of the SP version and not the Mark 2. Seems everybody is impressed with the Mark 2 version. What concerns me is the cup size as one reviewer compared it to the top size of a Coke can. Seems a bit small but could be wrong. I like closed cans to cover my entire ear and not press against any part of my ear. Feels weird.

    I'm trying to find a good comparison between the Cowon J3 and the S9. For some reason reading the product descriptions on Amazon isn't doing a very good job. Need a dedicated portable player that is't of the iPod nature. Disclosure: I currently own the iPhone 4 on AT&T. Majority of my music is 320kps but I'd like to start getting FLAC for all my music.

    One reviewer mentioned the sleek looking Ultrasone HFI-780 as a solution. They look slick but also heavy. Anyone care to chime on on these cans?
  12. jerg Contributor


    The HD25-II is indeed a supra-aural pair of headphones (the cushions rest on your ears), however due to how they are designed apparently they isolate super well, better than many circum-aural (around your ears) headphones even. Also they come with an extra pair of velour (velvety texture fabric) pads in addition to the pleather pads on them if you buy them, apparently those velour pads feel superb.
  13. wanderwithbeats
    That's what the jargon meant. Got it. Seriously thinking about taking a chance on them. I can always sell them later. Liking how they have a split headband for extra grip when your moving.

    These velvety pads your talking about...You have to buy them separately you say?
  14. BotByte


    Isolation is something people never understand. To isolate is to keep sound from coming in, and open headphones do not isolate well. But then again, if your not listening to your stuff in a crowded bar or what not, it doesn't matter. As long as their's sound, you can't hear someone talking next to you. On ear headphones are actually more comftable then over ear because they lay on your ears with low pressure to oppose to forcefully press around your ears. If you difficulties stuffing your ears in the cups, then over ear are bad.
    Cowon S9 vs. J3 is this: J3 has: different look, moved buttons, a little faster processor, 3 more hours battery and the expandable slot. It's not worth the extra $100. You can get the latest firmware update for the S9 and makes it as fast as the J3. Then upload the J3 theme on to the S9 after a quick google search. 
  15. BotByte


    To what you said about your preferences of what headphones you wanted, the HD25-1 ii would be a step back. A closed Senn headphone has a lot of bloated bass and a very laid back sound. Laid back means that you won't have a musical feeling to the cans. I like my Grados because they have a lot of passion in their sound, and I like my Senn because they are laid back and I don't notice the sound as much for like reading or web surfing. 
    Also, you might want to check out Koss DJ100
    They have the same sound signature like Grado
    Medium to light weight
    Closed and isolate well
    get a pair set of Sony MDR-V6 pads to replace the stock ones and a lot of people love them. I almost bought them, but I got my Senn HD598

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