Are you a taco lover?
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Headphoneus Supremus
May 24, 2006
I have to admit that I love tacos so much that I even like the mass produced commercial tacos in fast food chains. But of course I love the more real tacos found in the Mexican places. Anyone here a taco lover? I love tacos. And they one of the best bargains in the food world.

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Don't really care for the commercial fast food variety, but have come across some very good tacos in a few local restaurants. Saturday nights are taco nights at my place when we all contribute in the preparation and the ingredients and then eat our little hearts out!
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What's not to love?

I really like the soft steak tacos from Baha Fresh. We also occasionally go to Mexican Village in Detroit for the most authentic stuff available this side of the border.
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Hell yes I love tacos. But not so much exclusively - there's little I won't eat at a Mexican Restaurant.

And we should have hauled a group of people over to Tito's Tacos during CanJam.
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There is a little place around here that servers the cow head tacos. Eyes, brains, tongue, it's all in there. I hear they are fantastic but I'm afraid to try one.

It is authentic to eat that kind of stuff in Mexico and part of the culture. To many Mexicans this no big deal. It tastes like tender flavorful meat and it's excellent. We are conditioned in the American culture to find that bizarre.
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I love tacos! There's a semi-local place called Fuzzy's (known to every college kid in Texas, probably) that is just really good. Their tempura fish tacos are simply divine.
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I love tacos so much I eat everything like a taco (I learned this in Mexico.) I fold slices of pizza in half and eat them like a taco. I eat sandwiches sideways like a taco.

Your picture is making me hungry.

Let's not forget the most famous taco of all, the glorious al pastor. I've never had an edible al pastor north of the border and I contend the best in the world are to be found in Merida at "Trompos."

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I love the really authentic tacos, too. Ones served with two small corn tortillas, carne asada, chopped onions, shredded cabbage (this is important), cilantro, salsa, and a squeeze of lime.

There are a number of small places in LA and Arizona with those and I make a point of having a few any time I go to Mexico. Especially with a Mexican Coke.
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Yes, I often wonder how far North the Mexican food craze has spread. Here in the SW, Mex, Tex Mex, SW Mex, whatever has become omnipresent.

For me, a fresh sprig of cilantro will make a taco extra delicious.

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