Are you a good person, morally?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 4, 2005
I'm just curious to know. This is a completely anonymous poll. When I say "good person morally", I mean you don't ever lie, cheat, steal, etc... Not just limited to that, they are just examples. Of course I suppose if a person lies, they may be lying on the poll!
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No - but I really do try.
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As usual, I find Viper's post very elegant.

I voted yes as I truly pride myself on my integrity. Everybody makes mistakes, especially on tough judgment calls (I'm by no means perfect) but morality for me is not written in absolute terms. It's not abstract but personal. In example, I don't think lying is necessarily immoral. It depends on the circumstances and intent. I'm usually brutally honest, but as I have matured I've learned there are extenuating circumstances.

I admire people with strong personalities who assert themselves and act on their beliefs/opinions and hold to their moral code whatever it may be. I hold willpower, moral strength, and conviction highest in judgment of myself and others.
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Moral and ethics depend on each's perception, whether based on religion or other personal beliefs.
A christian I am, I am no where close to being morally perfect, but I do consider myself a good man.
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It all depends whose morals we're talking about. By the moral codes of most religions... well, I'm probably pretty horrible. I'll be going to hell or getting reincarnated as a worm or something.

But, since my own 'moral' standards are what actually matter to me, I'd say I'm an okay person. I'm not the best, but I'm far from the worst!
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When I see myself against the world, I want to vote "yes".

When I see myself against my potential and/or standards, I want to vote "no".

Therefore I won't vote. The poll is like intruding into someone's dream, and asking them, "Are you awake?"

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Since it's "that time of year", I would guess probably 90% of us here cheat on our tax returns, even in small ways. So, no.

OTOH, I would never scam a HF'er, so buy with confidence! lol

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