Are these the pads people use on there Yuins?
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Oct 24, 2004
I herd people get some radio shack pads for earbuds from radio shack and seem to make the yuins sound better and have a bit better bass. Well I don't live in the US so we don't have a radio shack anymore, they got bout and now called the source. Anyways are these what people talk about?
The Source By Circuit City : Headphone Accessories - REPLACEMENT PADS FOR EARBUD HEADPHONES
Kind of expensive for earbuds but if they do improve. I also seen these.
The Source By Circuit City : Headphone Accessories - 4-PACK OF REPLACEMENT SILICON FLEXIBLE EARPADS
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May 24, 2003
Sorry for the late reply. I just came across the thread. I owned the PK1's and sold them to a head-fi member, but I was one of the owners that went to Radio Shack to buy the pads for them. The first ones look exactly like the ones sold by Radio Shack albeit the price was about $2.00 higher. They also had them in blue as well as black and a few of the packages had a combination of both. I couldn't tell you anything about those on the second link though. Still, if you have the same experience as I did which was stronger bass and a little bit more comfort, then you'll be happy.

Just to let you know, I sold the PK-1's not because of the sound, but because I was mostly using them for portable use and it turned out isolation wasn't their best feature. I still think they also required an amp to get the best out of them as well which was why I sold them because after a while they were starting to gather dust.
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Aug 31, 2005
i recently bought some OK3s, and i use the Radio Shack foams with them. The silicone pads that came with them felt weird, and the Rat Shack foams fit better, and add a bit more bass. i'd like to try donut foams, but every time i try to make my own pair, the hole comes out being too big.

You should be fine with the set in the first link.

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