Are these the best in-ear headphones in their price range?
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Klipsch Image S4 earphones Headphone reviews - CNET Reviews
If not, can someone help me by posting some better earphones in the 70-100 dollar range?

Not familiar with the S4s per se, but here are some phones in the range you may want to consider:

Head-Direct RE0 (On sale, down from $169)

Etymotic Er6i

There are others. What is your audio source? What type of sound do you want? This info will help with advice.
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I use the ipod nano 4th gen.

And I generally want there to be a mix of good highs/lows and bass. I don't want the head phones to be focused on the bass. I listen to rock/industrial/metal, that kind of stuff.
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I think the RE0 is right up your alley then. The etymotics have great detail and clarity in the mids/upper end, but not much in the way of bass. The RE0 has been compared favorably to higher-end klipsch phones than the S4, so I would imagine it beats that quite easily. Here's a pair of reviews:

Review 1

Review 2
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