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are these Sony MDR-V6 fake? with pics

  1. nlse
    are these Sony MDR-V6 fake?
  2. Posimagi
    Looks the same as my pair. What's your specific concern?
  3. nlse
    was not sure if they were genuine, bought them from China.
    And it doesn't feel that the sound may be up to a genuine products level, so wanted to check here, if anyone can tell if these are real from Sony
  4. nlse
    can i get some help to see if these are real or not?
  5. GotNoRice
    Did you check this thread yourself to see which they more closely resemble?  http://www.head-fi.org/t/510110/sony-mdr-v6-counterfeit-comparison-thread-w-pics
    Personally, I see a few red flags.
    Legit MDR-V6 headphones that are made in China will say "Made in China", as Sony does actually has a factory there.  Legit MDR-V6 headphones don't come out of China saying "Made in Thailand".
    Legit MDR-V6 headphones have almost no wrinkles in the headband, yours has quite a few.  See: http://cdn.head-fi.org/2/26/26d1d04c_DSC05577.jpeg, http://cdn.head-fi.org/8/87/876adcf9_DSC05590.jpeg
    When it comes to your drivers, why would you remove the foam paper and the foam ring?  A shot from the side, as you provided, is essentially useless.  Compare your driver, from the front, against these two and tell us which it more closely resembles:  http://cdn.head-fi.org/8/87/876adcf9_DSC05590.jpeg
    The stitching also doesn't look as tight as it usually is on legit models.
    That is about all I can tell from looking at your pics, which are pretty bad.   Other things you can check yourself are:
    Do they have proper clamping force or not?  Observe how fake version lacks clamping force:  http://cdn.head-fi.org/2/26/26d1d04c_DSC05577.jpeg
    Do drivers have serial numbers on the back or are they blank? Example:  http://cdn.head-fi.org/d/d5/d534d475_DSC05596.jpeg
    Did the wire come wrapped in a bag when you got it? Example: http://cdn.head-fi.org/8/86/86fa4693_DSC05576.jpeg
    Do you have the black bag? Does it say Sony in white letters or not?  Example:  http://cdn.head-fi.org/9/9d/9d80a15f_DSC05574.jpeg
    Does the headband slide in and out nicely when you adjust it, like nice oiled metal, with a clearly defined "click" for each notch, or does it feel cheap like plastic when you adjust it?
  6. nlse
    can you determine anything with this photo?
    i think these are not genuine
    the driver has a black coating on it also
    thanks for the help GotNoRice
  7. alpha80
    With how inexpensive genuine MDR-7506's, from reputable retailers and online vendors are....I wonder why we take risks buying such a commonly counterfeited headphone (v-6 and 7506) from questionable sources ?
  8. 147JK
    Absolutely correct.  This isn't a large purchase to begin with.  Risking buying a fake in hopes of saving only a few dollars doesn't make sense.  Amazon and B&H will send you genuine gear for certain.  There are others out there as well I'm sure.  Ebay is OK for purchasing certain kinds of items, but this is definitely not one of them!.

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