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Are these headphones good?

  1. Randall baker
    I'm trying to find a pair of headphones for binural beats.( basically two separate frequencys are played in each ear and your brain creates a third frequency in your brain putting you in deep states of awareness.) The headphones need to be as accurate as physically possible. No warm or cool tones just plain neutral sound. I found these headphones that go down to 5 hz for the frequency range and want to know if they would work okay? (Sony MDRV6) I also know that The human ear can't hear any frequency 5 hz and under. I'm fine with that and just want to know if this pair of headphones will serve its purpose. If not could you recommend me a good pair of headphones that go down to 5 hz, sound a flat as physically possible and as neutral as physically possible?
  2. AudioThief
    Yes, the Sony MDRV6 fits your purpose.
  3. Randall baker
  4. AudioThief
    They are made to be neutral, so yeah. I'd say they are plain jane neutral sounding.
  5. Randall baker
    Okay good ill order. Them. Someone reco ended I get some replacement ear cushions brainwaves to be exact I have some otw as well as the wrong sony headphones I will be returning. Should I keep the ear cusions?
  6. AudioThief
    You can try out the stock ear pads and see how you like them. Some people are heavily into modding/changing their cans, others are not. Personally I would buy the headphone, and if you don't like the earpads, upgrade.
  7. Randall baker
    okay I have another crazy question I need an mp3 player that has a frequency playback reaponse of 5hz and sends the same flat audio to the headphones. What can you recomend i buy or is that even possible?
  8. Music Alchemist
    I would describe the Sony MDR-V6 as bright and harsh, but less so than the MDR-7506. (I owned both.) To give you an idea of things, take a look at these measurements and think of something a bit less bright and with more prominent lower frequencies. (If you aren't familiar with looking at headphone measurements, just note how the red and blue lines deviate from the green line.)


    The good news is that EQ can fix most tonal balance issues. I think that's what you should be focusing on implementing.
  9. buke9
    Why worry about 5hz as you can not hear it. Most humans can not hear below 20hz. You will need special equipment to get a tone that low. The tones on YouTube are a joke. You might be able to fell a tone that low but you can not hear it. My wife is a Speech Pathologist and they had to take Audiology for there masters also and very few people can hear below 20hz period. No way anyone hears below 15hz and that is more feel than hearing. You need to give up on this perfection thing as it does not exist unless your willing to pay mega bucks. Your wanting this perfect player and then feeding it mp3's. Just about any player or phone will do what you need period. This 99.999% stuff is just crazy. There is no perfect headphone or perfect player they all will probably do what you want. If you have tried some and they don't work then that might be something others can steer you in a different direction.
  10. turkayguner
    V6s can produce 5Hz? I don't think so.
  11. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Audezee LCD-XC
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2017
  12. Policar
    I can't hear below 20hz (although with some dynamic headphones I can "feel" 10-15hz when I crank the volume up to maximum, but when I use higher end electrostatic headphones I can't hear below 20hz). I think 99% of other people here can't hear lower than 20hz, either, so none of us will have much good advice except perhaps the few who have exceptional hearing as you do. I have seen a lot of comments on YouTube from people who can hear as low as 5hz so it seems like it is possible.

    The deepest bass I heard for an affordable price was on the DT1350, which often goes on sale for $119. MUCH better sound for music than the V6, which is more for monitoring voices for field recording. I could also "feel" it below 20hz quite clearly so I assume it has a good response there:



    As you can see, it has better 30hz square wave response and a more elevated bass response and less distortion with a good seal (though the Sonys are ruler flat through the vocal range). The elevated bass response might be a problem but for me the sound is excellent! The LCD-X is definitely more neutral. The Sonys are neutral, too, but far too recessed in the sub-bass imo so if you want to hear down to 5hz I don't think they're right for you.

    If you can afford the LCD-X I assume they are even much better.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2017

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