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Are there an old-style bluetooth earbuds around?

  1. mihaixp

    I'm only using old-style earbuds while listening to music because I don't like the IEMs that have rubbers or the Apple-style earbuds.

    The ones that I like are just like the Sony MDR-E808, Edifier H180, etc. Are there any bluetooth headphones that have this style of earbud? The brand/price/quality doesn't matter, it's just that I've searched quite a lot but I haven't been able to find a pair. Thanks in advance.
  2. pbui44
    Check out the Toneking 65/120/200 ohm earbuds (careful with these, as the earbud can get detached from the cable and get lost or connector can be broken):


    Add an MMCX Bluetooth w/ mic cable:


    If buying from Penon Audio, add their free 5yr-anniversary gift (suggestion: add the free case):

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  3. mihaixp
    Thanks for the tip, this really is a very interesting solution. I'm really thinking about this solution right now.

    Are there any earbuds that already have the right shape? And do not require this "mod"?
  4. pbui44
    This solution was the only way to have Bluetooth on earbuds, as there are not any factory-built Bluetooth earbuds that I know about.
  5. pbui44
    If you want a slightly more open sound, the BGVP DX3S is another good option and you can still get the MMCX Bluetooth cable and free Penon Audio gift with the above links:

  6. mihaixp
    Got it, thank you so much for your help, @pbui44 :)
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  7. pbui44
    Your welcome and glad to see they worked out well in the end.

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