Are the Shure SE110 any good?
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Originally Posted by Freshhiphopm /img/forum/go_quote.gif
i gave the Se110 another try with some hiphop and it has ZERO BASS

ZILCH . . . NADA!!!!


i gotta get new headphones

If there really is nothing at all under 200 hz, you aren't getting a seal.
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Originally Posted by Freshhiphopm /img/forum/go_quote.gif

i just dont know what to say here

maybe i should try the se110's again

maybe i'm doing something wrong?

This is where this type of thing is broken down into matter of preference. Some people, such as me, like the quality of bass, or in other words, hearing the bass, rather than feeling it. Don't get me wrong, when it comes to speakers I lust for that "thumpy, rumble my whole room" bass, but my speakers also have a quality presentation. Others like impact, where this is where the Sennheiser CX300 excel. No one can really say anything is better than anything else. If it even came down to it, someone could say that iPod OEMs are better than anything, just because of THEIR personal preference. NEVER, let anyone tell you that something is better. You have to go with your own instinct, and the mere idea that YOU want what YOU like. If you like the Sennheisers, than so be it.
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Originally Posted by ch28kid /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm not surprise SE110 have no bass.

I got SE210 and tried it for 2 weeks and there is no bass at all.

What you say is probably true, but the SE110 is actually very different in terms of sound signature from the SE210s, which were designed to replace a different model from the older Shure line.

I feel that the bose IEMs will not sound better than the SE110s, BUT may have more bass. If bass is your thing, I guess it couldn't hurt to try Bose if you can only get store credit back for the return. Otherwise, I'd try the Westone UM1s for $109 from

Have fun!
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FWIW, I have compared the SE210s and the Bose In-Ear Headphones for several hours. I was able to do this because my friend owned the Bose, and I owned the SE210s, and a pair of SE530s. I did a three way comparison for about 3 hours, flipping back and forth between a ton of different music.

What I found was that the Bose had a huge volume of bass, but that it was imprecise, and muddy. The mid and highs on the Bose couldn't match the SE210s.

I can see how someone might not listen so critically to the quality of the bass, and instead just opt for a larger amount of bass. And if that's the case, then yes, the Bose have a lot "more bass."

But for me, every time I went back to the Bose from listening to the SE210s, I felt that they sounded muddy and was disappointed by a large amount of high-end roll-off.

Hope that helps.

P.S. while I didn't compare the SE110s to the Bose directly, I have done extensive comparisons of the SE110s, SE210s, E2cs, SE420 and SE530s at the Apple store. It turns out that many of the apple stores have a Shure "demo kit" which has one of each model in it so you can do side by sides. I found they all sounded different, but consistently sounded like "Shure IEMs." So I feel confident that my comparison of the SE210s against the Bose has some merit.
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the cx300 has a ton of bass. No shure IEM will have that quantity. The only IEMS I can think of that might come close are the atrio m5/m8 and the v-modas, as well as the 5eb.

A bit too much for my tastes.
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The Audio Technica CK32 offers good value for money. It has very good bass. Good overall balance but a bit thin in details. I find it very similar to the Crossroads X3i. Both are very easy to drive.
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Originally Posted by ph0rk /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I believe the se110 is dynamic, not balanced armature.

The SE110 is a single balanced armature IEM: SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones


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Give the UM1 a try since they are around $100. There is some bass but don't set your expectations high and expect a ton.

Personally, I don't recommend the UM1, unless comfort is a really important - they have good bass and mids yes, but the highs are very weak. For that price, I would rather pick up a pair of Denon AH-C551s. Or I would get a Sony EX85/EX90 and then do the film mod on the them that will bring their SQ right up to the level of mid-priced dual-driver IEMs for a fraction of the cost.


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I own both cx300's and se110's. And no the cx300's do not have BETTER bass. They might have more, but definitely not better. Although the se110 isnt very good compared to other offerings in the price range, they are still far superior to cx300's

Well, actually, the CX300s sound pretty decent out of my MiniBox E+ amp with more spacious sound than entry-level armatures, but they do have way too much bass, and are still no much for entry level IEMs in terms of overall balance, clarity and accuracy.
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If you listen to hip hop then the SE110 is not for you. I have owned E2C and SE210, and have tried both the SE110 and CX300.

CX300 has bass quantity, but not necessarily quality
SE110 has better bass quality, but not necessarily quantity

But either way, the low end Shures like the SE110 and SE210 arent really that great for the money you pay. They are good, but not really amazing. You cant beat the Shure fit though. Canalphones with designs like the CX300 fall out of my ears easily where the Shures do not. There is also a LOT less cord noise with Shures (since they go around your ears) and isolation is a LOT better (something important because I use them for the subway commute).

So again, if you listen to mainly stuff like hip hop, you should return your SE110. They will not satisfy you in that way (they didnt satisfy me when I listened to hip hop anyways). You would probably enjoy V-moda Vibes a lot more... even though they dont have as much clarity as the SE110. Hip hop tracks tend to sound worse with phones with more clarity anyways lol.
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Originally Posted by pomme de terre /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hip hop tracks tend to sound worse with phones with more clarity anyways lol.

Most newer hip hop sounds bad on any type of headphones/IEMs, speakers, and even in cars...

Pun intended.

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