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Are Koss ESP950 Electrostatic any good?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by djamtrax, Apr 12, 2011.
  1. DjAmTraX
    I kinda like to try it.  Anyone has experience with it?
  2. desktophifi
    Here's an interesting thread about em. Good stuff. 
  3. FrankCooter
    I own a pair. The build quality is terrible. The supplied "energizer" is a joke. Almost all of them have the famous Koss "squeal" at some time in their life. But in spite of all its faults, the ESP950 is a surprisingly good headphone. Much fuller and richer sound than the Stax lambdas. Sort of like a baby of the original Omega. I greatly prefer them to my SR-303's.
    As bad as the build problems are, the Koss warranty policy is outstanding. They have an unlimited "no questions asked" warranty that goes with the headphones even after resale. I bought mine used and have sent them back twice in the last two years. Got brand new drivers for free both times.
    They definitely deserve a listen. Used pairs usually go for about $400. DIY an amp like the KGSSHV or even an EXSTATA and you'll have a "poor mans" electrostatic system that will run circles around all but the best dynamic systems.
  4. Anaxilus


    x2.  Got them for a great price.  Still figuring out my end game energizer.  Spritzer gave me some advice I intend to look into when I cross that bridge. Running DACPort pre-amped to E90 currently.  Headphones are not a top priority for me atm so I'm getting by fine w/ the stock E90.  Only a personally modded T50RP Thunderpants represents a better value IMO.  Here is an article that I find quite useful in a number of ways around here.  There is just something about having Lifetime warranty on a set of Electrostats too.
  5. DjAmTraX
    poor build quality is a deal breaker for me.  Although the warranty is great, you still have to pay shipping and loss of use.  Too bad...
  6. Anaxilus


    Well, the materials are cheap but I think I can differentiate that from poor build quality.  For example, the ESP950 has cheaper feeling materials than say the Sennheiser HD555/558/595/598.  However, the ESP950 has a better design and build than those Sennheisers wrt long term durability.  If that makes any sense.  Basically I can use them as much as I want and never feel like they are going to break or fail like the Senns.

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