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Are JH-16's worth it?

  1. IaHawkeye
    I currently use a pair of Shure SE 535's...I also have a pair of beats solo HD and Bose sie2's as well as Bowers and Wilkins p7, but I've been coming here and reading about all these higher end earphones and I've never had a custom set...I'm debating taking the plunge or not...are they worth it? I see the Roxanne's are coming out in November, but if I do it, I don't want to wait, I'd like to do it now. So are the jh 16s the best option?

    I mainly listen to music from my IPhone, mainly music purchased from the Apple store. I don't use a amp. How much sound quality difference will I notice? It's a very expensive upgrade.

    I like some (very noticeable) booming base as well as clear and detailed mids and highs. I listen to a bit of everything, but mainly modern hits, country music, and blues, as well as a lot of rap.

    Please help me decide head fi!!

    P.s. Just signed up today, I hope I am I. The correct forum
  2. Spyro
    If you have the money to do it without putting yourself into debt, do it. Sure its better.    Otherwise the W3 might be a nice alternative on a budget.  Much bigger bass than SE535 and better crisp clarity.  (but midrange not as good as SE535)
  3. IaHawkeye
    Yes and no...I don't have a whole lot of money, but I just found out my wife is pregnant and we are going to start saving...if I don't buy them now I will never ever have a chance to again...it's one of those things
  4. IaHawkeye
    Mainly I'm concerned over the sound improvement of the SE 535's...is it that big? Is the custom mold going be a lot more comfortable and provide much better sound and base?
  5. LeoKane
    I have both SE535 and JH13 freq, and the JH13 are significantly better than the Shures in every way. Even straight out of an iPhone the differences to me are apparent and impressive. The custom fit does take a while to get used to but once you are they are simply amazing. And then when you start using the JH13 from some more expensive source (Naim DAC-V1 for example) they scale up much more impressively as well. The flip side is that they cost 3x as much as the SE535 in the UK. Worth every penny in my option.
  6. IaHawkeye
    Anyone else have opinions? I could really use the help!
  7. KimChee
    The JH16 is a huge upgrade over top tier universals.  I've had mine for a couple of years and I'm still blown away by the clarity and detail.  I am really glad I got these even though I still have a top tier universal, definately worth it in my book.
  8. Spyro
    Don't confuse the custom mold fit from the sound upgrade. Separate criteria. The fit from customs is huge but sound may be marginal depending what you are coming from.
  9. revolutionz
    Another option to look at is the Shure SE846. Arguably one of the best universals, so they maintain some resale value if your tastes change down the road, and no need to pay for impressions. I absolutely love mine, night and day difference from Shures other IEM's. Slightly less expensive than the JH's by a couple hundred including the cost of impressions. 
  10. ikilledversace
  11. djvkool
    Universal Merlin if you can find it somewhere, the best sounding universal CIEM IMHO
  12. goodvibes
    Just know that the JH13 already has more low bass quantity than your 535s. The 16s have lots more bass.
  13. Avalon0387
    I think the fact that your conflicted about this is your answer. Since you have a baby on the way, put your resources there. There are many universal (and much cheaper) earphones that sound wonderful. The JH-13s are absolutely great. I have them, but I also have a few universals that sound 85% as good at a fraction of the cost. You going to be a dad and priorities will shift. Enjoy this time, it passes way too quickly!
  14. LeoKane
    Yes well said Avalon0387 kids are expensive, but congratulations IaHawkeye and sorry about your wallet! (Well someone had to say it).

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