Are gaming headsets better for positional audio?

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  1. Mebcitadel11
    I am buying the Fulla 2 for portability
  2. YJX94
    Yep I do a lot of competitive gaming as well as offline. The K712 is my main headphones right now for everything, it's an amazing all-rounder. Immersive for offline gaming and god-like at competitive for sound whoring.

    Like I said earlier a good VSS is one that has a HRTF function and does not mess with the sound signature and only improves soundstage and positional audio. I don't personally use VSS because these headphones really do not need it but you could give Windows Sonic a try because I find it to be the least offensive to sound quality, it doesn't change the sound signature at all and makes the soundstage bigger and also improves imaging. I'd personally recommend against Dolby Atmos because whilst it does give a surround sound feeling I find that it makes the soundstage smaller and the positional capabilities are not as good as Windows Sonic and it makes everything sound too tinny and hollow to me.
  3. Mebcitadel11

    Thank you again for answering all these questions. “God like sound whoring” definitely has me excited beyond belief. I actually did think of one more question - will I also plug my modmic into the Fulla 2? Or will the modmic go to the laptop?
  4. YJX94
    The modmic will go into your laptops microphone port. K712 > Fulla 2, Modmic > Laptop mic in.

    And you're welcome, happy to have helped. K712 is not only amazing for gaming but it's so nice with music and fun for movies too, it's an excellent choice for a first audiophile headphone.
  5. Mebcitadel11
    I just ordered my Fulla 2 from Schiit’s website. I’m about to buy my K712s from Amazon. I noticed they are suggested MSRP for $400 but sold for $280? Should I be cautious of knock offs or anything?
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Post a link of where your buying the headphones.
    I would guess knock offs would sell for a lot less then $280
  7. YJX94
    The K712 is still $499 on AKG's official website but it's much cheaper on places like Amazon and eBay. $280 is in line with the current pricing of the K712, just make sure you get it from a place that has an excellent return policy such as Amazon and buy it brand new and not used.

    There's hardly any K712 knock offs in existence, the headphone isn't super popular like Beats or ATH-M50X.

    This one is top of the list on Amazon:

    Hurry cause it's the last one in stock.
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  8. Mebcitadel11
    @YJX94 @PurpleAngel

    I bought these
  9. YJX94
  10. Mebcitadel11
    @YJX94 i should have everything by Wednesday at the latest
  11. Malfunkt
    There is a lot of (intentional) misinformation floating around.

    Essentially a 'gaming' headphone isn't necessarily better, and by in large is going to be worse than some dedicated audiophile headphones.

    No matter what the marketing says, ALL headphones are essentially stereo, as really, you on'y have two ears. 7.1/5.1 headphones are of two types - they are either stereo headphones with added Digital Signal Processing to mix down 5.1/7.1 into stereo or they have a multi-driver configuration.

    Some of these headphones are pure gimmicks, but some of them actually work and are okay-ish.

    The thing is, for competitive gaming, you don't want 5.1/7.1. CS:Go has a built-in HRTF binaural engine that will sound good on ANY stereo headset but will sound its best with something along the lines of HD800, HD700, AD2000x, K712, HD599, HD598, etc.

    Overwatch has a really good engine for Dolby Atmos which like CS:Go will allow you to hear if someone is above or below you.

    I'm a silver in both those games, and I don't take them too seriously, but I know my CS:Go game well enough.

    On the flip side, both Audio Technica and Sennheiser make excellent gaming headphones that pretty much are the same mid-level audiophile headphones people rave over, but with decent mics and gaming ergonomics.

    I wouldn't really bother with Sennheiser GSX1000 dac/amp gaming hardware for competitive gaming, as most games have their built-in engines, and DSP (hardware or software) isn't really required.

    I will say, that the GSX1000 or the much cheaper and less configurable but equally good Dolby Atmos for Headphones are fantastic for headphone movie watching and some gaming to help create a bit more immersion. Not necessary though.

    My gaming headphone of choice, hands-down the HD700.
  12. YJX94
    That's good, you'll soon be listening to far superior audio and it'll be a whole new world.

    And as @Malfunkt said, if a game has a HRTF function be sure to use that and don't use any VSS with it.

    Also try the headphones in their natural state of stereo at first and then try Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos and see if you like them.
  13. Mebcitadel11

    And everyone else:

    I got my AKG712 + Fulla 2... I can barely bring myself to play games because music gives me goosebumps! It’s unreal.

    Thanks guys! I hope I can convert my friends to REAL audio. It makes absolutely all the difference.
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  14. YJX94
    That's excellent to hear. Welcome to audio Heaven, please enjoy your stay.

    Anyhow, now that you know what real audio is, NEVER go back to gaming headsets and try your absolute best to convert your friends who are still in audio Hell.
  15. JamesCanada
    I was at the same place you where a few months ago.
    Got a pair of Sennheiser 598SE and never looked back.
    Afterwards got a ModMic and my friend you will have a headset that kicks anything else right in the balls.
    This will cost you around 200. Best thing is if you want to keep an ear 1/2 open (I had a newborn at the time) Open back headphones are fantastic.
    This will work for PC and console.
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