Are custom IEM's even a possibility for me? <18
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May 28, 2010
Hello Head-fi'ers!
After taking you guy's awesome advice, I picked up M50's and SR80's. I feel like I should now be upgrading my IEM's to something different. I've had S4's for about 2 years (They got me into high-end audio), and I feel like I should change the sound around once and a while.
I've been thinking about getting some custom molds for a more enjoyable listening experience. I've decided on getting custom IEM's, since I would like the isolation, (I'm in noisey school, bus, metro), plus the SQ isn't bad either :p But, I just recently turned 15. Thus, i'm not sure that getting customs is even a possibility. I know that certain parts of the body change shape and such over time (Eyes mostly), so I was wondering if your ear canals also change. I don't want to have my IEM's reshelled every 6 months :D
Also, i'll be running them out of a iBasso T3/T4. 
P.S. Cheapest customs worth it?
P.P.S Is it really truely worth getting custom fits? Will the SQ be that much better, or shall I stick with universals?

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