Are Campfire Andromeda (2019) IEMs My Next Audio Purchase?
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So I'm suffering with what photographers call G.A.S. or Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Have been on a fairly steep slope up in spending from when I won a pair of KLH Ultimate One headphones from Worldwide Stereo's Facebook page (which is where my Yamaha and Klipsch gear came from my listening room). That started me looking for better sources for music...
One thing lead to another and I bought a Fiio headphone amp....then I bought a HiBy R6 Pro....that lead to an R5 and then a Fiio M11 Pro. I really like the R6 Pro and the M11 Pro for different reasons.
So once I bought the R6 Pro I researched IEMs and started in with the Fiio FH7s. I really, really like them. I like the soundstage, just truly enjoy how they sound especially off the 4.4mm balanced output to a high quality cable.
So now I'm thinking what I want to try next and take it slightly toward the next level. I don't think I want a better pair of headphones or a closedback pair vs. the KLH U1s with their ebony earcups. They're really nice, but I find I reach for the FH7 IEMs all the time, instead of the over-the-ear KLH U1s, so I'm thinking nicer pair of IEMs is next.
I'm really liking what I am hearing in reviews of the Campfire Andromeda 2019 version. I also think the green coating/finish looks awesome and the storage bag looks very deluxe as well.
This review got me further fired up about them:

Anybody feel strongly I should look at different IEMs or go forward on the Campfire Andromedas?
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Very hard to say what is the right product for you. The Andromeda is universally well regarded, so from that point of view can't go really wrong. The only criticism I am aware of is comfort.

But in that price range there are so many good options, that only you can know what suits you. For me personally the Sony IER-M9 stood out, I liked it better than the Andromeda, it sounded more fun yet still extremely refined. I was honestly doubting my taste, but in the last months people with much, much more experience came out and praised the M9, so I seem not to be alone. And that one is extremely comfortable.

If money is no big object, get the Andromeda and see if you like it. If you want to play safer, get a used one and sell it if you don't like it.
Best would be if you'd have the chance to listen to different IEMs at a store for a good amount of time to test them out. I had to fly to Japan to do that! LOL
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What kind of sound are you looking for, and what is your overall budget?

Andromeda is still a good IEM, but I don't love the $1099 price tag for a new A-stock one.
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Hi @pwscott,

To echo @BananaOoyoo,

It would be helpful to know what kind of sound you like, what music you listen to would also help narrow this down.

Subjectively & personally, I am not fond of Campfire or Fiio for various reasons.
As with @BananaOoyoo, $ 1099 is a lot for an IEM, there are plenty of other IEMs to consider before the Andromeda.

Feel free to look at my profile for possibilities to consider as well, happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hope you have a great day !
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What kind of sound are you looking for, and what is your overall budget?

Andromeda is still a good IEM, but I don't love the $1099 price tag for a new A-stock one.
What kind of sound are you looking for, and what is your overall budget?

I'm not the best at describing the sound I like, but I can tell you I very much like the sound from my Fiio FH7s with the stock chamber and tips. I know I'm not all about the bass, that vocal separation is key for me and that I like a big soundstage or at least very good 'directional clarity' as much of what I listen to is live performances recorded/mixed from soundboard recordings in high quality FLAC files. I do own a good deal of hi-res FLAC stored music along with some DSD files of remastered studio work as well.
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I think Andromeda have pretty special soundstage, it is what make them unique, sombody call them speaker like. But in comparison it can lacks overall accuracy but I do not think it is problem. From description sure you will like them. B stock can be for $750-800 and black friday is around the corner.
Of course a lot of offer out there I completely understand you.
From reviews I like Orioulus Reborn but I do not know how it sounds. Also CustomArt Fibae 7 with their flat impendance seems like very good option but I did not like Harmony 8.2 so who knows...

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