Archos XS100 or iAudio G3
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Dec 2, 2002
I've been looking for a smallish DAP that I can use with my linux system, and have been searching around a LOT the past few weeks. After long consideration I was begining to settle on the iAudio G3 1GB, but I've just noticed that for about $10 more I can get an archos gmini with 3gb of storage. Does anyone have this player, how is the sound quality?

My main considerations are:

Linux compatibility with drag and drop
Sound Quality
At least somewhat reliable

Space isn't a huge concern, but it would be nice to have something a little more than 1gb. I'd like to avoid going over $150. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Jan 23, 2005
I have a G3 and like it. I would like it better if it had 3 gigs for the same price, but I chose the Iaudio because of the features and reputation. No problems yet and it sounds good to me. I use my Iriver H320 when I need more than a gig (traveling, vacations, in my car). With the USB 2.0 speeds its not a hasssle for me to change the music on the G3 daily and can fit enough on there to keep me satisfied until I am at home again.

The features I like are the UMS, runs for 50 hours on one AA battery, size, sound quality, flash memory, Multiple file support, bookmarking, Voice recording, weight.

I have nothing bad or good to say about the other player, my other competing players where the Iriver T10 and T30 and they where bigger, heavier, and didn't have the options I wanted bundled in one player.
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Oct 5, 2005
Well if battery life is also important to you, only some Sonys beat the G3 (and you can change the battery yourself, big plus if you ask me.....), but they are of course not linux compatible. The Archos lacks fm tuner, voice and line-in recording, has much worse battery life. So i would only choose it, if space is your top priority.

@snapdemon: the G3 smaller and and not as heavy as a Iriver T30?
Iriver T30: 60 x 30.4 x 22.1 mm ; 26gr. excl. battery
iAudio G3: 64 x 45.0 x 17.10 mm ; 36gr. excl. battery

So the iAudio is considerably bigger overall, and heavier as well. The iriver T30 is one of the tiniest players i have seen (besides the mobiblue cube of course
But they are not good for you ,powderific, cause they are not Linux compatible out of the box, cause the newer iriver players for Europe and Northern America are MTP only.
but there are possibilities to get them UMS, and it seems like there are developements for programs under Linux, to support MTP protocol. See for example this thread on misticriver

So it's much more convinient to simply buy any of the iAudio flash bunch

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